Aetna – COVID-19 Update

Aetna:  March 26, 2020:  Steps we’re taking to keep members safe:

  • To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, we are cancelling all in person group member meetings and sales events at all venues, including those at retail locations. 
  • Sales events: If you have a filed a sales event with Aetna, we have canceled your event. CMS requirements for canceled events still apply. Please contact your Broker Manager if you have any questions about CMS requirements for cancellations.  
  • Member meetings: Please note that we will contact all members who RSVP’d for a meeting, by phone or email, to let them know about the cancellation. 

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend avoiding face-to-face contact with your clients. Instead of meeting with them in person, we encourage you to use our remote-selling tools (e-kits and RATE) to engage your clients electronically. 

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COVID-19 update_broker communication (March 19) FINAL