Aetna: Think Agent – New Profile & PURL Access

Sourced from Aetna/Think Agent Email Communication from 10/13/2022:


Introducing more tools for you this AEP!

On 10/15, we have one fantastic delivery we’d like to share with you – NEW! Profile & PURL.

For those interested, we’re delivering the following new features this AEP & including the below training to help you learn how they work!


Profile – You may have already found the “Profile” button in Think Agent and found it to be inactive. Well, we’ve been hard at work developing this cool new feature to share with you; and we’re excited to announce it’s ready!

  • The Profile is customizable, allows you to change and update your contact information (does not affect other Aetna sites), link social media, add a profile picture and create an ‘About Me’ description of yourself.
  • What’s especially neat is your contact information will now pre-populate in forms such as the SOA, eKit and enrollment. Test it out for yourself
  • Even more, these items will also appear on your PURL for prospects to see!

PURL – Never heard of such a thing? PURL stands for Personalized URL and it’s a unique feature of Think Agent you’re going to like!

  • The PURL comes linked to your Think Agent Profile and access is granted automatically.
  • Copy & share your PURL address on your social media, MMS flyers, business cards, etc. for prospects and clients to access.
  • From your PURL site, your Profile information will display; as well as an option for prospective Medicare clients to shop for Aetna Medicare plans in their area, or request a free quote about products in which they are interested from you!*
  • If a client shops for plans from your PURL, they may enroll themselves by choosing “Enroll Now” on a plan in their geography, and you’ll be their AOR!


*An email notification will be sent directly to you from only when the ‘Free Quote’ feature is used on your PURL, and the prospect has indicated they wish to learn about products where you are currently RTS (based upon state).


To learn more about these exciting new features of Think Agent, please see our trainings here: