Aetna: Tracking Apps & Converting Paper to E-apps

Aetna message from 10/19/20:

Tracking your applications quickly

With everything going on during AEP, we know that timely information is important. Here are two ways to quickly stay in the know about your applications:

And if you have any questions, you can use the new live chat feature on the website.

Save time by converting your paper applications to E-Apps

Did you know that you can enter the data from the paper applications you receive into Aetna Quote & Enroll? There’s no need to fax a paper application after you’ve entered it into the tool.

By converting your paper applications to E-Apps, you can:

  • Avoid time-consuming errors
  • Have faster visibility to your application status
  • Get prompt underwriting decisions
Watch training video for Aetna Quote & Enroll