Aetna’s ASCEND iPad User Notification & VBE Holiday Hours

Aetna has also posted this notification on the Ascend message board

Automatic download of the new Ascend app for iPad users only:

There is an Ascend platform wide adjustment due for release at midnight that will prompt iPad users to download the new Ascend app.

The app will automatically download as soon as the iPad device is turned on tomorrow.  The download of the new app is necessary for the RATE feature to work.

This will not affect Windows users, only impacts iPad users!


Holiday Hours of Operation for VBE and AHD:

VBE Call Center

Christmas Eve – Closed

Christmas Day – Closed

New Year’s Day – Closed


Ascend Help Desk (AHD)

Christmas Eve – Open, 8 AM – 11 PM EST

Christmas Day – Closed

New Year’s Day – Closed