LifeStation medical Alert System Benefit

Clarification: To start using the LifeStation medical alert system benefit, members should call Member Services

Members with the Aetna Medicare Plus Plan (HMO) in Southern California have a benefit that allows them to get a LifeStation medical alert system at no charge. This benefit is available in the following counties: Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego.

To start using this benefit, members should call the Aetna Member Services Department by dialing the number on their Aetna member ID card. 

Please note: During recent 2020 product trainings, we told you that members should call LifeStation directly to activate this benefit. However, this was incorrect. Please help educate members that they need to call the Aetna Member Services instead.


What steps do members have to take to use the LifeStation benefit?

  1. To get the LifeStation equipment, a member must call the Aetna Member Services. Members will then be transferred into the Care Management Engagement Hub to go through the eligibility process.
  2. Eligible members will be connected to a Lifestation representative to order the device and finalize the process.
  3. Members will receive the equipment by mail.