SilverScript Application Email Error Notification

Silverscript Agent Email Notification from 5/8/23: 

On Friday May 5, 2023 there was a trend identified of brokers receiving emails in error with the subject “Subject: Your client’s SilverScript application was cancelled.” After researching, the members were still enrolled. 11,704 emails were sent in error. 


The email shares the following information:


Please note that the SilverScript enrollment application you submitted on behalf of your client XXXXX XXXXXX has been cancelled. Most likely this occurred because of one of the following reasons:

  • Your client enrolled in another Medicare plan.
  • Your client requested to cancel the enrollment or change the effective date.
  • Your client is already a member of SilverScript, or a duplicate application was submitted.

We suggest that you contact your client to make sure he or she is aware of this cancellation and that they have arranged alternate Part D drug coverage. If your client still wants to enroll in a SilverScript PDP, then please complete a new enrollment application, validate that the client is entitled to Medicare Part D, and that all fields on the application are correct.

Thank you for your efforts.

SilverScript Insurance Company

Unfortunately, this email is an automated notification, which is unable to receive replies. If you have questions, please contact your agency or upline administrator.


The verbiage below was added into the portal and to our Broker Support reply backs regarding the erroneous emails. We wanted to share in case you receive any questions. If a broker has questions regarding their member’s enrollment status, please direct them to broker support. We will verify if they were sent the emails in error and advise on their member’s enrollment status.