Aetna’s Think Agent Updates – New Desktop Version



Sourced from Aetna’s Think Agent email communication from 7/28/22:

Great news, Think Agent users!


Aetna has a new desktop version coming to you this Friday, 7/29! With this new version, Aetna is delivering many enhancements and time-saving features that will make doing business with Aetna Medicare faster, simpler and better for you this AEP!

The mobile app will be updated to include these features in the coming weeks.

See below for some of the exciting new features coming with this new desktop version!


  1. Application “Save” option. Begin & save an application and open it later – Right where you left-off!Find the saved draft application in your My Enrollments to re-open, edit and complete.

2.  “Quick Help” in the More component will display you local Aetna Broker Manager’s contact information, as well as other helpful contacts.


3. D-SNP eligibility now displayed on each D-SNP plan card. Verify Medicaid in Think Agent, and we’ll let you know if your client is eligible for the D-SNP plans in the area!


4. Look for these “i” icons beside popular items like eKit & SOA to learn more!


5. Now add your client’s providers to their lead! After – When shopping for plans to enroll – you’ll see network status displayed on the plan cards, helping you to make an enrollment decision.