2021 Anthem Enrollment Kits Now Available on CustomPoint

2021 Enrollment Kits now available on CustomPoint for Pre-order

If you completed your AHIP Certification by August 1st, you can now pre-order enrollment kits. Pre-ordering means you’ll have materials earlier in the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) marketing period. With kits in hand when AEP kicks off, you won’t miss a single opportunity when clients are shopping for coverage.

Pre-order your 2021 enrollment kits through CustomPoint between now and August 31 and your kits will be delivered to you prior to October 1, 2020.

Need translated kits? You can place your orders for available translated kits at the same time you order your English kits. Translated kits are scheduled to deliver September 25 through October 7.

Kits ordered after August 31 will not be guaranteed delivery by October 1, so certify early so you can order early. Pre-orders placed during the month of August will be processed and shipped first.


How do I order enrollment kits?

Within 24-48 hours of completing your 2021 certification, you receive an e-mail from Medicare Sales Training-Anthem-SM MedicareSalesTraining@anthem.com confirming your Ready to Sell status. Ready to Sell means you are currently licensed, certified and appointed. The subject line of the email appears as “Access to CustomPoint — Medicare Sales and Marketing Materials.” This e-mail includes an attachment with instructions on how to order your Medicare Sales Marketing Materials from CustomPoint.  It also includes your CustomPoint User ID and Account.

  • If you are new to the website, we’ll send you a separate e-mail with your password.
  • If you are a returning CustomPoint user and do not recall your password, please contact MedicareSalesTraining@anthem.com to reset your password.


Ordering best practices

  DO   DON’T
Vary your ordering quantities based on how many plans you expect to sell. Order the same number of kits, regardless of your sales expectations (i.e., 100 of every kit).
Order enough during the pre-order period (August 7 – August 31) to last you through October. Wait until September or October to place the order for kits you need for October – timely delivery can’t be guaranteed.
Order more kits after Star Ratings are updated at the end of October. Order a full year’s amount prior to plan Star Ratings being updated.



Everything you need to know about ordering can be found on the home page of CustomPoint, where you can access an online user guide.


Note: Marketing may not begin before 10/1/20 and AEP applications cannot be accepted before 10/15/20.