Anthem AEP 2021 Success Tips

AEP is finally here! Anthem provided tips below to ensure you have a SUCCESSFUL and STRESS-FREE season!

Submission of  Applications

When submitting your enrollment applications, Anthem offers many options. Electronic submission of applications is the preferred method.  However, you can check on the status of both electronic and paper submissions using Producer Toolbox and going to Menu > Applications.


Electronic Submission

  • Using mProducer, you can take applications on-line, capture electronic Scope of Appointment forms, and never touch a piece of paper!  Access mProducer directly at or from the Producer Toolbox by clicking on Tools & Resources and then selecting the mProducer link.  mProducer also allows you to transfer your applications to your client, and validates your application entries to reduce the chance your application will be pended for additional information.  It will also show you the reasons why an application is pended, and allows you to respond electronically.


Paper Applications

  • You may still submit applications via mail or fax.  However, these means of submission are typically associated with higher pend rates and slower turnaround time, and do not provide you with the option to respond to requests for information online like you can when using mProducer.


Application Reminders:

  • Remember “CACL:” Clean, Accurate, Complete & Legible applications will ensure timelier processing.
  • Avoid submitting duplicate applications for the same person.
  • P.O. Box may be used as a mailing address but NOT as a permanent address.
  • Submit all pages.
  • Ensure all the application signatures are obtained.
  • Attach “voided” check with every bank draft request.
  • Savings accounts must be ACH certified to be eligible for bank draft.


Scope of Appointment Form (SOA)

It’s important to obtain an SOA in advance and to observe the intent of the SOA requirement, which is to protect potential clients from sales of unwanted products.

We would prefer you use the Anthem SOA form whenever possible; however, in situations when you may not have our form on hand, you may use another carrier’s SOA form, as long as the other carrier’s SOA form is CMS approved. To validate that an SOA form is indeed CMS approved, look for a Material ID in the lower left corner of the document with a CMS approval date.

You have two ways to record the SOA:

  • Capture an Electronic Scope of Appointment (eSOA) using mProducer.
    • Recent enhancements allow you to have the beneficiary sign the eSOA and send back to you.
  • Use a paper SOA.


Find a Provider


  • You may also access the 2021 Provider Directory by going into CustomPoint.  To locate information on applicable specialty service providers (transportation, vision, dental, acupuncture, PERS, Telemonitoring, Weight Watchers, Silver Sneakers, etc.), download the applicable Provider and Pharmacy Directory. These vendors are listed under the “OTHER PROVIDERS” section of the directory.



Sales Event Changes and Process

                When it comes to meeting with your potential clients, you have options:

  • Face-to-face interaction is one selling tool available to help you meet your individual sales goals. Whether you choose to participate is a personal decision. If you need help with evaluating your options, you should talk with your manager.
  • Should you choose not to participate in face-to-face selling, you will still have access to all of the other sales tools to help you meet our annual sales goal.
  • Medicare Sales leadership team will continue to evaluate the necessity for face-to-face interaction, when it should be implemented, when it should be utilized, and how to meet market demand.


Reporting Sales Events

All sales event data must be entered in the Sales Event Tracker located on the certification site. This includes both face-to-face and virtual events

  • Events must be entered more than five calendar days prior to the start date of your event. The system calculates the 5 days according to the start time of your event.
  • Confirm the date, time, and content of the event with the venue prior to reporting the event for in-person events, and reconfirm as the date of the event approaches, especially if the venue requires marketing/sales event approval.
  • Should you need to cancel or modify an event, report it as soon as possible. Event cancellations or modifications must be reported no less than two business days prior to the scheduled event in accordance with policy.
  • When entering virtual events, enter your company address or address of the location where the virtual event will be hosted. Please do not enter any URL links in the certification site.
  • All in-person events must list a physical street address as shown in Google Maps. If you are holding an event in a park or on a street corner, you must enter the address of the closest business to where you will be located and use the “venue address 2 field” to add additional details that will pinpoint your exact location.


Ohio Medicare Broker Team


Regional Sales Managers:

Beverly J Danner: 513-203-6349.

Brian Wissel: 513-274-3756,

Dave Embaugh: 614-361-6945,

Kristen Troesch: 614-285-2914,

Lisa Perren: 216-217-3303,

Stacey Bon: 513-236-7162,


Sales Support:

Gena Cerasuolo: 440-417-4460,

Kimberly Kirn: 513-391-7391,


Agent & Broker Resources:

Electronic Application Submission:

Learn how to submit with mProducer:

Medicare Support: (800) 633-4368 or

Licensing & Contracting: (877) 304-6470 or

Commissions – 800-367- 5896 or

Application Status Only Line – All States – 1-855-277- 6071 or

Broker Training:

Manage Your Book: