Anthem Ohio News: 2022 Member ID Cards & Non-SNP Medicare Advantage HRA Bonus

Sourced from Anthem Broker Communication from 12/14/21:

We would first like to acknowledge that our friends and families in Western KY are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. When things like this happen it makes us all stop and think about what is really important and to be grateful for the things that we have. We are doing outreach to all of our brokers in Western KY to see how we can help. If anyone on this email needs anything, please let us know.


Now that AEP is behind us, we want to thank all our broker partners for finishing strong and putting up some great numbers for Kentucky. We appreciate all your hard work and we can’t thank you enough.

Here is what is included in your Ohio News:

  • ID cards and when to expect them.
  • HRA for Non-DSNP members eff 1/1/2022


Member ID Cards 2022: What To Expect

For 2022 plan effective dates, based on product availability and selection, our members can receive up to four different member Identification (ID) cards as follows:

  1. Member ID card: to be used for all medical services
  2. OTC card: to be used to purchase over-the-counter products at specific retailers
  3. Healthy Groceries: A monthly grocery allowance that can be used to purchase healthy grocery items.
  4. Flex Account –An annual allowance that a member can use to extend their supplemental coverage for dental, vision, and hearing.


When will the member receive their cards? On certain plans, some of the benefits included in Essential Extras/Everyday Extras for 2022 are embedded supplemental benefits. Please review specific plan documentation for more details and lists of specific plans.


Member ID Card:

  • New members will receive their ID card and either a Welcome Guide or a Checklist in their Welcome Kit that is mailed to the member approximately 10 days after their enrollment is confirmed.
  • Existing members MAY receive a new ID card.  Existing members with plan benefit changes (copay amount, phone number, etc.) can expect to receive a new card late November or early December.

OTC Card:

  • New and Existing members – Members will receive their ID card in their 2022 OTC Welcome kit along with the catalog. No activation is required.
  • New members enrolling during AEP will receive their OTC card and product catalog by 1/1/2022. If enrolling after AEP, they will receive it approximately 4 weeks after their enrollment  date.
  • Example of Kroger OTC card below (for Kroger branded plans). Reminder, OTC can be used at both Kroger AND Walmart in store.

Grocery Card:

  • If pre-certification IS NOT required (DSNP Plans) – The Grocery Card should arrive prior to the member’s enrollment effective date. No activation is required
  • If pre-certification IS required – Essential Extras/Kroger HMO & PPO – The Grocery Card should arrive within 5 weeks from initial request. Member must call in to request this benefit.

Flex Card:

  • Essential Extras/Everyday Extras – The Flex Card should arrive in about 3 weeks from initial request.


Earn EXTRA CASH While Building Relationships with Your New Non-SNP Members

OEP is just around the corner. As promised, beginning January 1, 2022, you can earn an extra $50 for the completion and submission of a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for members enrolled in a NEW Non-SNP Medicare Advantage (MA) plan for January 1, 2022 effective dates and beyond.

You read that right! During OEP, from January 1 through March 31, when following up with your NEW Non-SNP members who enrolled and are effective January 1, 2022 and beyond, simply help them complete the Non-SNP HRA and you’ll receive an additional $50.


Be on the lookout for a separate email communication that includes the following details:

  • Ways to submit the Non-SNP HRA
  • Talking Points for OEP check-in calls leading to the completion of an HRA
  • Payment process and timing of payment



We appreciate your support and commitment to us during this selling season and thank you for your dedication to our members.