Anthem’s 2020 Medicare Certification Info & Product Training Meetings

Anthem 2020 certification opens on Wednesday, June 26th 

  • Completed certification taken after June 26, 2019 allows you to sell for the remainder for 2019 AND 2020.
  • Certify by August 1, 2019 and you will be entered into a drawing to win a $1,000 Visa gift card.

Getting Started

  • Visit  for details on this year’s Medicare Megastar Contest with the link to “Get Certified”
  • If you were certified last year, please use the “Sign In” section.
  • Your user ID is your email address OR your National Producer Number (NPN).
  • If you forgot your user ID or password, there are links below to regain access.
  • It will ask you for an access code. Please use External-SelfReg and it must be typed exactly as is it appears here.
  • If you are new to getting certified this year, please use the box on the right that says “First Time Visitor”
  • It will ask you for an access code. Please use External-SelfReg and it must be typed exactly as is it appears here.


  • If you go through Anthem’s website, there is a discount on the standard cost of $175; it will cost the same as last year, $125.
  • AHIP requires section 4 & 5 this year to be taken and then the exam.
  • To download the slides, click into the module, then on left side click download slides. Click the save button and save to a file folder for this year’s AHIP.
  • If you are re-certifying, you only have to complete sections 4 & 5, but the exam includes all 5 sections.
  • There are Continuing Education credits that you can purchase for an additional cost PRIOR to taking the exam.
  • Anthem Modules – Please complete all until you have green checkmarks for everything listed for 2020.

Once your certification is complete, you will receive an email within 48 hours informing you that you are Ready To Sell. This email will also include the link to Custom Point and your login information.   If you do not receive this email and you show green status bars on all modules for 2020, please contact Broker Support at 800-633-4368 or email them at


Below are dates for 2020 Product Training Meetings. Please sign in to to register. Seating is limited so early registration is recommended. Anthem Broker Connection is not supported in Internet Explorer. Please use one of the following browsers to view the Anthem Broker Connection website:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox

August 27th, Columbus

August 28th, Toledo

August 29th, Cincinnati

September 4th, Cleveland

September 5th, Youngstown

September 6th, Akron/Canton

September 19th, Dayton

September 18th, Columbus

September 19th, Cincinnati

September 24th, Dayton

September 25th, Cleveland


Meeting locations, times, and presenters can all be found on the Anthem Broker Connection site: