Anthem’s Health Risk Assessment with DSNP Applications

Anthem Update from 10/5/21: If agents submit an HRA (Health Risk Assessment) with DSNP applications, your reimbursement is increasing from $50 to $100 per HRA  for effective dates 11/1/2021.

In addition to the incentive increase, agents will soon see a shorter more consolidated HRA that will be available for 11/01/2021 effective dates and the time to complete and submit the HRA has been extended to 7 calendar days from the point of sale.


It’s fast and easy to submit your new D-SNP member’s application and Health Risk Assessment through Anthem’s mProducer!


You have the option to either:

  • submit the HRA electronically via mProducer by utilizing the HRA link on the submission confirmation notification page (PREFERRED METHOD) or
  • complete a fillable PDF of the HRA and send it via a secure email to


Reimbursement payments of $100 per HRA will be processed once the new D-SNP application is approved and the new member is active and will be included in your commission statements.


If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your CSM representative.