Dental Care Plus Broker Bonus through AEP!

Sell Individual Dental with DCPG!

Effective dates November 1, 2019 – February 1, 2020


    10 – 14 Subscribers              15 – 19 Subscribers

                         $50 Visa® gift card                                                                             $100 Visa® gift card


       20+ Subscribers

                          $250 Visa® gift card


As an extra expression of our gratitude for your partnership, we’re giving you the opportunity to receive a bonus for newly enrolled dental subscribers.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Broker bonus will be determined for all new subscribers enrolled between September 16, 2019 and January 15, 2020 with effective dates between November 1, 2019 and February 1,
  2. Broker bonus distribution is one-time only and will be delivered after the broker bonus eligibility enrollment deadline of January
  3. Subscribers must still be enrolled at the time of broker bonus distribution.
  4. Applies to new DCPG sales AORs and renewals not included.
  5. IRS regulations regarding market value of prizes will
  6. May not be combined with any other
  7. 10 percent commission applies to new