Devoted Health Conrtracting and Certification Now Available

Broker in the Northern Ohio Region:  Devoted Health 2021 certification process is now available.

If you registered with Devoted last year:  You’ll see the 2021 certification workflow has been added to your dashboard. All you have to do is log into Miramar Agent to start the process. No need to use a pin code.

If you’re new to Devoted Health certification:  Cornerstone Senior Marketing can provided you with the pin code to get started.

Want to earn some extra cash?  Completing your certification early has its perks! Devoted is giving away $40 in Devoted Bucks to the first 1000 brokers who finish their certification. Devoted Bucks are good for any of the branded items in the Devoted Health marketing portal.

Contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Rep for contracting and certification information.