MMO October Medicare Updates

Medicare Updates 

·         Send members the quote so they can complete the entire application.

·         Complete the application on behalf of your clients and email them the application to sign and submit.

·         Purchase a screen-sharing service, such as Zoom. You can then screen-share while completing the application on a member’s behalf. Once you arrive at the signature page, the member must request access to your screen to sign and submit the application.

For all three options, start with these steps:
·         Visit MyBrokerLink and log in.

·         Go to the Sales & Quoting tab and click Quote/Enroll Medicare.

  • Key changes for 2021 include:
    • A new $0 premium Signature HMO plan in Regions 1 and 3
    • An expansion of our Secure HMO plan to all of Regions 1 and 3 – while this plan has a $0 premium for members who receive 100% of the Low Income Subsidy (LIS), it’s a budget-friendly option for all members
    • The Classic, Secure and Signature HMO plans provide between $100 and $150 in over-the-counter benefits for members in Regions 1 and 3
    • All plans include more dental coverage, with some offering comprehensive coverage
    • All plans now include an on-demand telehealth (telemedicine) benefit
  • If your clients have questions on how to access care when their provider is not available or they are traveling, please share the Where to Receive Care Away from Home flier.
  • If you have submitted your Medicare Advantage (MA) Addendum but haven’t completed your MA certification, it’s not too late.
    •  Visit MyBrokerLink and log in.
    •  Go to the Sales & Quoting tab and click Medicare Advantage.
    •  Select Training and Certification.
  • The 2021 Medicare Supplement rates and online enrollment will be released mid-to-late October.