MMO: Updates to MyBrokerLink Enhanced Access Process

Medical Mutual of Ohio Special Broker Announcement from 5/4/21:

Effective May 4, 2021, the process for obtaining Enhanced Access on MyBrokerLink is changing. Currently, employees must complete the Enhanced Access request form and send it to Medical Mutual for processing and approval. The updated process provides agencies the ability to grant Enhanced Access on their own without filing a form with Medical Mutual.

Principals and Agency Administrators will have the ability to grant Enhanced Access to employees at their agency directly through their MyBrokerLink account.

Important: You will be responsible for establishing a process within your agency for employees to request access. If you wish to appoint someone at your agency to grant access to users, you can assign that employee as an Agency Administrator. It is also important to review who has access to your agency’s book of business and deactivate accounts when appropriate. Please be reminded that MyBrokerLink accounts are not to be shared. Anyone who needs access to MyBrokerLink must have their own account.


What is Enhanced Access?
Enhanced Access gives users access to your agency’s book of business. When users initially register, they are not automatically given this permission. Enhanced Access also includes access to our group quoting systems for Non-Appointed Users.

What access do Appointed Producers automatically have?
Appointed Producers have Group and Individual administration access, which allows them to access their personal book of business. Appointed Producers also have access to Medical Mutual’s quoting systems.

What access do Non-Appointed Users automatically have?
Non-Appointed Users have access to Medical Mutual marketing materials.

Can I still use the Enhanced Access form?
No, the Enhanced Access form will no longer be accepted starting Monday, May 17, 2021.


For questions or concerns on MMO’s BorkerLink update, please contact your CSM Service Rep.