UHC’s New Authentication Process: LEAN & Jarvis Systems

Effective June 7th 2018, UnitedHealthcare will have an additional authentication process that will be required for an agent to access LEANJarvis. This not only impacts every agent/agency that has a current login, but also any staff that uses the agents/agencies login for the website. Every person will be required to have their own Optum ID to access Jarvis.

Your Action

  • You MUST log in with or register for an Optum ID in order to access Jarvis and LEAN as of Thursday, June 7.
  • On June 7, you will be prompted to register when you go to Jarvis or LEAN. Simply set up an Optum ID and connect it to Jarvis and LEAN. If you have an existing Optum ID, sign in with that information and you can connect it to Jarvis and LEAN.
  • Note: You will NOT be able to register until June 7 if you don’t currently have an Optum ID.

What is Optum ID?

Optum ID is a secure, centralized identity management solution that allows you to use a single sign-on for any applications connected to Optum ID. It’s a secure double authentication process similar to processes you may be familiar with like a bank or credit card.

Why Optum ID?

  • It provides an extra level of authentication security.
  • It prevents unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • It simplifies the registration process by eliminating the need to register your Party ID and Agent ID separately.


Questions? Please reach out to your Cornerstone senior service representative for more information.