UHC 2021 Med Supp Rates & New Kits Are Available

UHC’s Med Supp communication from 2/26/21:


2021 rates are here! Fortunately we were able to come well below the 5% typical threshold and rate are only going up about 3.5%! UHC Supps are already incredibly competitive in OH so this should make things even better!


And that’s not all…. Fortunately the Med Supp team were able to increase the Multi Insured Discount from 5% to 7%!  This will go into effect 6/1/2021 as well and will apply to all current members as well as new members who:

  • Have the same address
  • Share the same AARP Number
  • Both have an AARP Med Supp Plan with us

This discount is automatically applied so nothing is needed from the members or the agents.

Go to the sales material portal in Jarvis and order yours today!!!   Here’s what it looks like:


If you have any questions regarding UHC’s new Med Supp rates or kits, contact your CSM representative.