UHC Renew Active – Update through COVID-19

In rapid response to gyms temporary closing due to COVID-19, Renew Active has enhanced its offering to include Fitbit Premium, as well as a “Staycation” feature with our cognitive partner, AARP Staying Sharp.

Fitbit Premium is now available to take advantage of for all members with Renew Active when they join the Fitbit Community for Renew Active (screenshot below). Fitbit Premium offers premium content and thousands of workout videos for all levels and intensity. The premium content and workout videos include;

  • A vast selection of yoga, weight training, low impact and equipment optional workout videos
  • Guided programs
  • Advanced sleep tools
  • Personalized insights
  • Mindfulness sessions 

Please note a Fitbit device is not required to access these workout videos.

In addition to Fitbit Premium, AARP Staying Sharp, our cognitive partner, launched a Staycation tile on their website. Here Renew Active members can access various content, including 17 quick in-home workout videos for members to stay active while in their home.

Additional information:

  • Member access: For access to the Fitbit Community and/or AARP Staying Sharp, Renew Active members can visit the Health and Wellness tab in their portal and begin the process of either joining the Fitbit group or registering on AARP Staying Sharp.
  • Renew Active Fitbit Community: Digital community where members can engage in health & wellness discussions and participate in step challenges with other Renew Active members
  • AARP Staying Sharp: Members can engage in a brain-health assessment, articles, recipes and even several short exercise videos. The videos vary between stretching, showcasing different types of yoga poses and strength exercises.
  • Many of our gym partners are offering digital classes and workouts to members during the time of their closure.