Your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Team Has New Email Addresses!

With Cornerstone Senior Marketing’s recent partnership with Integrity Marketing Group, all Senior Marketing representatives now have new primary email addresses.

Please take a minute to update your contact information with our new email addresses, shown below. You can start emailing us at the new address immediately but not to worry, we’ll still receive emails at our previous addresses for the foreseeable future.

Tim Shook | [email protected]

Ryan Carroll | [email protected]

Paul McMillen | [email protected]

Jaime Lebròn | [email protected]

Matt Fry | [email protected]

Jim Meyer | [email protected]

Kelley Myers | [email protected]

Lila Sohnly | [email protected]

Lisa VanSuch | [email protected]

Michelle Kapp | [email protected]

Danielle Flesch | [email protected]

Karen Brannon | [email protected]

Martha Klomparens | [email protected]

Patrick Wiley | [email protected]


If you have any questions, please contact your Cornerstone representatives (maybe give those new email addresses a spin!).

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