Cigna’s Tips for Getting Your Apps Processed FAST!

Cigna message from 10/29/20:

Now that AEP is in full swing, we know you want assurance that your customers are enrolled in the plan they’ve chosen and sometimes you may experience delays in being able to view your enrolled customer in Salesforce. The good news is, the reason for the delay can often be corrected before the application is even submitted. Here are the most common issues that are within your control to correct before the applications reaches our Enrollment team:

  • Use the correct Agent ID. Incorrect agent IDs require manual intervention, which may result in assigning an enrollment to the wrong agent and commissions payment delays. Remember, Cigna Medicare and Cigna Supplemental Benefits use different Agent IDs.
  • Validate the Medicare Beneficiary ID number (MBI). An incorrect MBI number can cause membership delays as well have an application denied for an incorrect MBI
  • Be sure the correct election period is indicated. Even though we’re in AEP, this is an important measure to take year-around. Don’t forget to include the correct election period.
  • Verify eligibility for both Medicare Advantage and Medicaid DUAL plans. Remember, our CARL team can help with confirming eligibility for these plans.

When an issue is identified as causing a delay, our team will reach out to you to resolve the interruption. Your quick response to our requests will help us resolve issues sooner.


Any questions or issues with Cigna applications reach out to your CSM service rep.