Clever RX Quick Update: How to Stand Out

Tips from Clever RX- HOW TO BE A STAND OUT:

Partners frequently ask us our thoughts on displaying stands with their Clever cards at doctor’s offices and other various locations. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Just because you’ve given the stand and cards out doesn’t mean they are being displayed. Clever Fix: Follow up. You have to continually check-in that the cards are actually being displayed.
2. Keep in mind you are working to change behavior. Most Americans don’t realize that their insurance isn’t always giving them the best price and that prices can change from pharmacy to pharmacy. Clever Fix: Be sure to include one of our 5 x 7 stand inserts while also educating the receptionists and doctors on the importance of sharing Clever. This too will need to be followed up on multiple times.


If this is a part of your Clever business plan, we recommend ordering stands from somewhere like Amazon or through us by emailing


Any follow up questions can go to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales rep.