CMS Added Updates to the Medicare Plan Finder

From the NAHU FMO Council Members:

  • Plan Card Redesign on Plan Results Page –  CMS indicated the changes that were made were based on User Feedback and the change they made for the Default Sort to be “Lowest Drug Cost + Premium”.  Thus they wanted to reduce the size of the Premium font since it is not the most important data point.  CMS agreed to revisit the redundant text “Doesn’t include: $144.60 Standard Part B Premium” which is listed with Every Plan.
  • Upcoming Changes (Pre-AEP)
    • Online Enrollment Form will be pre-filled for Authenticated Users – Name, Address, Medicare Number, Coverage Date.
    • Medigap Quoting Tool – We highlighted our concerns with Medigap quotes varying greatly based on a number of different factors (e.g. Underwriting Rules that vary by State, Birthday Rules in Different States, Underwriting Classes and Prices by Different/Same Carriers in Different States, Varying Household Discount Pricing Rules, etc.).  We requested another deeper discussion/review with CMS prior to a launch of this functionality (currently scheduled for July).
    • Drug Frequency Changes to allow for 1 per 12 months, 1 per 6 months options to be deployed in July-August.  This is a BIG WIN!
    • Pharmacy Search Enhancements to be deployed in July-August – allow user to Search by Name and Distance and improved Map functionality.  Also allow user to edit Pharmacy from Plan Details Page.  Another Big Win!
    • Improved Sort & Filter on Plan Results to be deployed July – August.  Specifically, allow users to Sort by Plan Type (e.g. Cost Plan, MSP, HMO, PPO, and even the new $35 Insulin Priced Plans) This is another item that has been on our list.
    • Tweaks to Print Pages.  Improved spacing to tighten pages and reduce number of pages.  (Plan Comparisons with Drug Level pricing detail will NOT be available.). A couple of other low-hanging fruit that we are requesting:  add the “Zip Code”, “Date Printed” and “Page Numbers” to the Report Printout Header or Footer.
  • Future Changes (2021):
    • Provider Directories Integration – this will be very helpful for Beneficiaries to search for plans that cover their providers.
    • Ability to create an Account without Medicare NumberThis is a change that should address the “Anonymous Search / Save Issue” and will be targeted for 2021.  This function will be available to Beneficiaries, Caregivers, SHIP, Agents, etc that want to be able to save their Drug List information without using their Medicare Number.  CMS has agreed to include NAHU in the Pre-Work Planning meetings for this functionality.