Coming Soon- Devoted Health’s Agency Access to Agent Portal

From Devoted Health communication on 4/7/2021:

We are excited to share that we will be launching agency access to Devoted Health’s Agent Portal in the coming weeks. Agent Portal is a proprietary one-stop-shop platform that our team has built dedicated to making selling with Devoted Health plans easier for our partners like yourself. On this portal, you will be able to find:
• Summary of all of your active downline agents, including NPN, RTS status by state and application activity in the Agents page
• Visibility into each downline agent’s book of business from the Clients page (this information refreshes daily at the end of the day)
• Monthly commissions statements for payments made directly to your agency in the Commissions tab
Applications: Agency accounts are limited to read-only access in the Agent Portal, this means you will not have access to create or edit applications

Agency commissions statements: the commissions statements in Agent Portal and Evolve will be the same – it’s just one less portal that you have to log into. Historical statements are not available yet, however, you can still access those in Evolve.

Look out for an email from us with log-in instructions in the coming weeks. This email will be sent to your agency plan admin. user. If there is a change, please email  with updated information.

Read our Quick Start Guide to help you get started! 

Important Reminders

Don’t forget to email to inform us of any agent terminations within 5-10 business days so we can offboard agents who are no longer in your downline

  • Be sure to monitor your agency’s 2021 RTS Certification Report to ensure agents have completed their 2021 certification and are appointed properly before they sell Devoted Health
  • Remind your agents to complete their CE requirements and stay on top of their health insurance license renewals to avoid non-compliant sales


If you have any questions on the upcoming additions with Devoted’s agent portal, please contact your CSM rep.