COVID-19 – Understanding SEP Time-Frames


Understanding SEP time-frames

CMS released a new enrollment flexibility clarifying that the FEMA SEP is relevant to COVID and invoked. They added language to clarify the SEP enrollments can be submitted through agents/brokers or any means of submitting an enrollment.

There has been some confusion around the applicable SEP dates.  To clarify, there are two sets of dates:

  • March 17 – June 17 (equal to 3 months) for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B
  • March 01 – June 30 (equal to 4 months) for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D.

IMPORTANT:  The equitable relief applies to those beneficiaries who were otherwise eligible for IEP, GEP, or SEP, but due to COVID-19 were unable to exercise their enrollment rights.  COVID-19 in and of itself is not a trigger for an SEP but, if not for COVID-19, an eligible  beneficiary would have been able to enroll in Medicare.

Read the full CMS release here.

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