Devoted Health AEP 2021 Plan Highlight & Process Overviews

Devoted Health Message from 10/15/20:


AEP 2021 is finally here!  Whether you have partnered with us in years prior or not, we are thrilled to have you as part of the Devoted Health Team! There is so much to be excited about, even with a pandemic going on. Your safety is always top of mind for us, so don’t forget to take the proper precautions when selling in the field. We are here to support you every step of the way, here is some key info about how we built our 2021 Devoted Health Medicare HMO plans, updates on our new processes, and quick access to our resources.


2021 Plan Highlights

By now you should have heard about our 2021 benefits. If you haven’t, here are some quick highlights you should keep top of mind while meeting with your clients.


Devoted Health is committed to building the right plan for “Mom”.  That’s why we have built sustainable plans for the long term:


  • Competitive benefits that we can maintain year-to-year without member disruption
    • Intention is to offer competitive benefits that will help us sell and retain members while not going overly aggressive and needing to make drastic changes in the future
  • HMO network built to last
    • Partnering with a high-performing PCP network
    • A large specialist network built through collaboration with PCPs to ensure the ones the PCPs prefer are included and that they have proven high-quality outcomes.


Better member experience – it’s in the details


Not only do we offer extremely competitive benefits across the board, we’ve also built our benefits to avoid common member pain points*:


  • Coverage for extras such as compression stockings, mastectomy sleeves, wigs, bathroom safety equipment, and Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
  • Earn Devoted Dollars for preventive screenings and annual PCP visits
  • All colonoscopies are $0, both preventive and diagnostic, at any network location – this includes polyp removal in conjunction with a colonoscopy
  • Grocery Delivery Service: Up to $20 per month ($240 per year) for chronically ill members (excludes cost of food)
  • Part B drug cost share (when applicable): Cost share only applies to portion of the drug administered – if drug remainder is discarded, the discarded cost  is covered 100% by Devoted Health
  • And many more! Be sure to check out all our benefits at

*Not all Devoted Health plans offer these benefits


Important processes to know


Agent Portal 

Have you logged onto our Agent Portal?  It’s a one-stop-shop to Devoted Health resources and an easy way to submit an electronic application (instructional video here).  Here is the Quick Start Guide or give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.


Paper Applications

For submission of paper enrollments  we now require the following pertinent enrollment pieces to be completed thoroughly and  included when sending to us:


Faxing Submission Requirements

  • Fax cover page (or document with same fields)
  • Enrollment form (included in sales kit)
  • Enrollment receipt (included in sales kit)
  • Scope of Appointments (SOA):  this form is double-sided this year, please be sure to fax both sides


Mailing Submission Requirements

  • Enrollment form
  • Enrollment receipt


Don’t forget to write your NPN on all enrollment form  pages prior to faxing to ensure we can reach out to you if all faxed pages don’t come through properly. The Enrollment Receipt must be submitted  with all paper enrollment forms (carbon copy should stay with the beneficiary).


Quick Resources 

  • Scope of appointment (English/Spanish)- online version that will email you a copy (instructional video here)
  • Play the full Devoted Sales Presentation Video OR use our handy Flipbook
    • Sales Video (English) — can be downloaded in our marketing portal
    • Sales Video (Spanish) — can be downloaded in our marketing portal
    • Sales Flipbook

As always, we are here to support you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to contact Agent Support if you have questions or need assistance. We wish you a safe and successful  AEP selling season!