Devoted Health: New Feature Alert on Agent Portal

Sourced from Devoted Health Broker Email from 10/3/2022: 

Low-Income Subsidy & Medicaid Checks now available in our Agent Portal !


At Devoted Health we’re always looking for ways to make your life easier! With these two new features, you will be able to:

Lookup Low-Income Subsidy within the enrollment application. You must have the enrollee’s  verbal authorization to complete the eligibility check. Select a plan option and enter the enrollee’s Date of Birth and Medicare ID (MBI). You will receive LIS levels, A&B effective dates, current plan, and more! Details can be found here.


Lookup DSNP/Medicaid Eligibility. You must have enrollee’s First & Last Name, Date of Birth, and Gender OR Medicaid ID and Medicare ID (MBI). You will receive Medicaid status, level, and more! Details can be found here. Medicaid eligibility data is available now for AL, FL, and OH. CO and TX coming soon!


Learn more about our 2023 plan offerings

It’s finally October! So that means you can now take a look at our 2023 plans and providers on our website!


If you have any questions – please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing rep