Devoted Health Resources for AEP 2021

Message from Devoted Health on 10/1/20:

As Devoted welcomes AEP 2021, we want to jump right in and share some important information to help you hit the ground running!

New enrollment submission process – ALERT!

For submission of paper enrollments we now require the following pertinent enrollment pieces to be completed thoroughly and  included when sending to us:

Faxing Submission Requirements


Mailing Submission Requirements

  • Enrollment form
  • Enrollment receipt


Pro Tip: Write  your NPN on all enrollment form  pages prior to faxing to ensure we can reach out to you if all faxed pages don’t come through properly.


The Enrollment Receipt must be submitted now with all paper enrollment forms (carbon copy should stay with the beneficiary). We highly recommend submitting electronic applications. If you haven’t previously used an electronic app, check out what you are missing with our agent portal or give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. 


Health Risk Assessment – (Florida ONLY this AEP)

Want to earn an extra $50 per application? We’re excited to launch our agent-facilitated Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for new D-SNP members in Florida ONLY this AEP. Brokers can receive $50 for completing this assessment within 14 days of the application. In order to receive compensation, Broker HRA must be the first completed HRA post-enrollment, and eligible members should be actively enrolled at the time of commission payment.

This HRA will only be available for D-SNP members through our agent portal upon submission/receipt of the application.

Interested? More information coming soon in a future newsletter!


Drug Search Tool – NEW!

Our new drug search tool allows you to search all the medications our plans cover.  The search will identify the drugs that have a quantity limit or  need a prior authorization. You’ll be able to save your search to a list that allows you to go back to your list of saved drugs. You have the ability to save your list as a PDF. If a drug is not covered, it will show a Covered Alternatives link that would show a list of potential alternatives.


Self Service Mailer Feature – NEW!

You now have the ability to create a self service direct mailer using one of our available postcards in our marketing portal. The postcards have customizable fields for you to add personal information like a picture, phone number,  email address, and logo. The cost of the mailings is inclusive of the postcard and postage. You will be able to use your Devoted Bucks to pay for these mailings, learn how to earn by participating in our Devoted Broker Loyalty Program.  Watch this step by step video and learn more about placing your order today.


Ready to Sell?

We want to make sure you’re fully compliant when selling and marketing Devoted Health Plans this selling season. Make sure you have these items at your fingertips.

Complete a scope of appointment – check out the online one that will email you  a copy.

Play the full Devoted Sales Presentation Video OR use our handy Flipbook.

Here are some other useful links to help you get ready:


Please remember CMS does not allow  plans to accept PY2021 enrollments prior to 10/15. Enrollment applications received prior to 10/15 for which there is indication of sales agent involvement in the submission (agent name, contact information, NPN, etc) or agent solicitation (i.e. agent date 10/1-10/14) will be investigated for potential solicitation. If the application is confirmed to be solicited, the enrollee will be informed that the application will be denied, and given the option to re-enroll with their agent. A statement request will be issued to the agent, and corrective action will be assigned based on the findings.