Devoted Health’s New Agent Portal & Updates

Devoted Agent Portal

Devoted is  launching their brand new agent portal in the coming weeks, built from the ground up to make selling Devoted Health quicker and easier.

What’s in it for you?

  • Best online application experience
  • One place to view all your Devoted Health business
  • Links to essential tips, advice, and other resources for selling Devoted Health
  • Digital signature workflows for Scope of Appointment and other forms

Plus, the portal will eventually become your one-stop shop for all agent activities. For those of you who sold with Devoted in the past, the portal will replace their existing enrollment tool.


Dipping Devoted toes in the water

As Devoted continues to monitor Covid19, they are constantly evaluating how the organization will make decisions regarding field events.   After careful consideration Devoted has decided to resume tabletop events in the field. However,  they are requiring proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to be worn and social distancing to be exercised.  Proper PPE includes mask, gloves and a face shield.  Also, to promote social distancing they encourage using an acrylic divider or two tables.  PPE can be purchased from our marketing portal if you have earned Devoted bucks.

If you would like to conduct tabletop events, please complete the Register an Event form and follow the event guidelines.


Devoted has two PPE kits available 

Use the SKU to search for the kits in the search bar at the top of the page:

  1. Phase 1: DH-PHSE1-KIT
  2. Phase 2: DH-PHSE2-KIT


Release Policy & Timeline

As Devoted gears up for the upcoming AEP, if you are thinking about changing your upline affiliation here’s an update on their release policy and timeline:


Immediate Release Brokers will need to get a release  from their current upline on a company letterhead or form dated with a current and future effective date of the release and signed by the principal. The release letter or form must be sent  via email to and the appropriate staff must be copied to the email communication from the agency (e.g FMO, GA, etc.) It will take up to 3-5 business days for Devoted to process the request. All parties will be notified via email once the release has been processed.


Delayed Release – If  an immediate release is not granted by a broker’s upline, a request for a delayed release can be made by sending an email to and include  the intent to be released from your upline. The delayed release email will start the clock for the 3 month (90 calendar days) window. A broker can continue to write business until the 3 month period is satisfied. All parties will be notified via email once the delayed release has been processed.


Are you certified? If not, start Devoted’s 2021 certification .

If you have a  2021 AHIP or Pinpoint certificate,  the process is simple and will save you a lot of time. If not, you can complete their CORE Medicare Training available within their platform at no charge.