Humana Marketing Materials Pre-Order

Friendly Reminder that the deadline to place pre-orders for 2021 Humana Marketing Materials is Tuesday 8/25 to ensure delivery by AEP. Please see instructions below.

2021 Marketing Materials are now available for ordering by Agents and Agencies!  The link below can be used for Agency ordering and for Agent Re-orders. Agents will be prompted to order a starter shipment at the end of their certification course, and shipping will begin on 9/15/20.


The AGENCY log-in is the AGENCY SAN in both the username and password fields.  Agency pre-orders can be submitted now through 8/25.  Please order ASAP to ensure shipping will begin on 9/15 to arrive by 10/1.  Any agency with a Humana Agency SAN can place a pre-order. Please communicate this to your downline agencies!

Please note that for 2021, there is a new application specifically for DSNP plans.  To submit a DSNP enrollment, a DSNP application must be used!  There will also be a unique fax number for DSNP applications.  This is another great reason to encourage electronic enrollment tools!


If agents need assistance with ordering, they can contact Agent Support at 1.800.309.3163, Option 1.