Humana: New Enhancements Available in Vantage

Humana’s June Updates in Vantage from 6/30/21:

The June updates for Vantage are now available. Read below to see how Vantage has changed for you.


NEW! Order ID Cards:
Agents now have the ability to Order an ID card through the My Humana Business section for active medical members if a request has not been made in the last 14 days. Whether the request is successful or not, you will receive a message once the button has been selected. However, if the request is unsuccessful, you should select the Service Inquiries link in the pop up message and create a service inquiry for your member.

This new feature is located on the Consumer Profile page for your active members as an easy to click button.

Telephonic Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
Vantage is now running a compliance check on member phones to check if they are requesting to not be called. You will now see that members who are protected under TCPA will have a red “Humana Do Not Call” statement by the telephone icon.

Inactive Policies Report
We have changed this Report from displaying all of the Inactive policies to showing only the most recent. Located on the card and within the My Humana Business Center under the Reports tab, the report will now only show the Inactive policies from the last 3 months (previously displayed the past 24 months). Inactive Policies will still be available for 24 months and can be accessed using the filters and search functionality in Business Center.

BACK AGAIN! Upload Paper Applications
This feature has now been turned back on! You will once again be able to upload your paper applications through the Quote & Enroll card. The Upload Paper Application feature allows you to attach paper applications electronically and upload to Humana securely with a success message. Please visit Humana MarketPOINT University for more information and training on this feature.


Eligibility Tool: The DSNP eligibility tool is now displaying the Medicare ID in the results section.