When completing Wellcare’s 2023 Annual Certification Requirements, agents who are currently contracted with WellCare will receive a new 2023 Recertification Workflow within Centene Workbench to show Ready-To-Sell status. 

Completing 2023 Recertification case in Centene Workbench:

  • Access by logging into your portal via the Single Sign-On portal, and select the My Credentials section.
  • Select My Certification Cases.
  • You will be prompted to (1) verify Demographic, Payment Information, and Selling States and (2) sign the 2023 TPME Agreement and W9. Please Note: Licensed Only Agents and Dual Assignment Agents will not be prompted to update payment information.

Please view the 2023 Contract Recertification Step-Action document for detailed instructions on the contracting recertification process.

All annual certification requirements must be completed by September 30th, to be able to market and sell Wellcare products and avoid suspension on October 1st, 2022.

If the 2023 contracting recertification step is missed while completing training, agents will not be considered Ready-To-Sell nor will they be able to order supplies until this has been completed.

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