Longer Hold Times with SureBridge’s Customer Service & Producer Support

SureBridge Experiencing Longer Hold Times
SureBridge announcement as of 10/27/20:
Customer Service and Producer Support are experiencing longer than usual hold and processing times in advance of the upcoming policy migration associated with the new SureBridge Policy Administration System that will occur October 29 – November 9, 2020.

Many customers are calling in reference to the customer letter sent by SureBridge announcing billing changes associated with this migration. We have posted a customer FAQ on Chesapeakeplus.com and MySureBridgeInsurance.com (for customers who have already migrated to the new system) to assist with explaining this transition and changes to billing.

Customers and agents can make policy changes, check coverages or make billing changes through the current customer portal at Chesapeakeplus.com through Wednesday 10/28/20 or use the new customer portal at MySureBridgeInsurance.com after the polices have migrated to the new system.

Provided below for your review are links to materials customers will receive when their policies are migrated to the new system.