MedicareCENTER 2021 Enrollment Updates – Please Read!

2021 MedicareCENTER Enrollments – PLEASE READ! 

Agents, please be aware of the availability to print/save your 2021 Enrollments! Connecture has advised that agents looking to access any 2021 enrollment they completed should be saved/printed from the 2021 site before 12/15/21.



When starting an enrollment process via MedicareAPP, agents should either print or save the PDF of the completed SOA each time for each client if they choose to keep one on file. Every year the MedicareCENTER site changes and the previous SOA’s that were captured will be overridden by the newest plan year SOA. 


If you have any questions regarding your MedicareCENTER enrollments for PY 2021 or PY 2022, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative.