Mutual of Omaha PDP: 2023 PDP Specialty Pricing Issue

Sourced from MOO broker communication from 10/17/2022:

Mutual of Omaha Rx℠ is committed to helping you find the right Prescription Drug Plan for your clients. We recently identified a pricing issue on specialty drugs on Plan Finder, which shows costs too low. Until the Plan Finder pricing files are updated, the mail order costs will show up incorrectly.

We are looking into the error and the schedule is set and will be updated on October 24, 2022. We are working with Connecture and Sunfire to see if pricing can be updated sooner.

Pricing Issue Highlights:

• This only impacts mail order pricing
• This only impacts a subset of specialty National Drug Codes (NDCS)
• Plan Finder pricing will be updated on October 24, 2022

Clients who purchase a Mutual of Omaha Rx plan, while the pricing is incorrect will receive notification from us.