Mutual of Omaha’s Ready to Sell Status Monitoring Now Available on SPA

Mutual of Omaha announcement from 8/31/2020:


What is New?
Recently, we enhanced the user experience on Sales Professional Access (SPA), to include the ability for you to be able to see your Ready to Sell Status for Mutual of Omaha Rx Prescription Drug Plans. This enhancement will give all levels in a hierarchy, for PDP, line of sight to their Ready to Sell status. This status update will include items that may be missing or need to be completed, in order to successfully be Ready to Sell.

How Can the RTS Status Be Viewed?
Once you log into SPA, on the homepage, you will find a Reports tab. Clicking on the Reports tab will take you to a Case Monitoring link. From the link, you or an upline can click on the “My Status” link to bring up the detailed RTS Status page for the current SPA profile. This information includes your Producer Number, NPN, Producer Name, Ready to Sell Status, AHIP/Compliance status, and Product Training status.

If you have not completed a portion of the steps or training needed to be Ready to Sell 2021 PDP, the status field for that step or section would remain blank until that section has been successfully completed. Once a step has been completed, a completion date will be automatically populated for that step.

Once completed, you or an upline will click the “Summary” link to bring up any uplines or downlines RTS Status. Sales Professional Access will store the current and upcoming plan year statuses.

Ready to Sell?
If you are unsure of the steps to be Ready to Sell 2021 Prescription Drug Products, you can reference the chart below or view a short video link here. These provide the important steps a producer needs to successfully complete to be Ready to Sell, each plan year.  If you are unsure of your Ready to Sell Status, visit and check out the status, effective September 2, 2020.