New – Devoted Health Star Sellers Program

Attention Northern Ohio Agents!

Introducing our new Devoted Health Star Sellers Program (SSP).This program is designed to celebrate your wins – big and small and helps us reward you for all your hard work.

• There are four tiers in the program: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The tier in which you qualify for is based on the total number of CMS approved application accrued each plan year
• As you submit more applications, you will qualify for higher tier levels which means more training, programs and Broker Bucks towards sales and marketing materials to help you sell
• Total app count is based on effective dates from 1/1 through 12/1 of each year. Program resets every plan year. This means eligible applications written for 1/1/21 are counted for this year’s program!
• This Star Sellers Program replaces prior broker loyalty programs offered by Devoted Health and is subjected to change at any time with or without notice.




Request contracting today and add Devoted Health to your carrier portfolio!

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