SureBridge: Change in Payment Vendor for Credit Cards

In preparation for SureBridge’s transition of payment vendors ALL in-flight applications using credit card as a payment method will need to be submitted prior to 8 PM on May 15.

Starting from 8 PM on May 15 through 8 PM on May 21, any application started or submitted using a credit card will require the New Business team to contact the applicants directly and recollect their credit card information. Applications started but not submitted during this timeframe could be impacted up to 30 days from the date the application was started, creating additional work for both New Business and the customer.

To reduce this impact, and the need to contact the customer, please close as many of your in-flight applications prior to 8 PM May 15 as possible; and where feasible do not select credit card as a method of payment for applications from 8 PM May 15 through May 21.

Applications started on or after May 22 will process as normal under our new payment vendor.

Also, please be aware that the Self Service portal, for credit card processing, will be unavailable from 8 PM on May 15 through 8 PM on May 21, for both you and your customers.  For urgent issues, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-815-8535.


If you have any questions – reach out to your Cornerstone representative