SureBridge: Brand change coming soon – what you need to know


Sourced from Agent Communication from SureBridge on 3/14/23:

UnitedHealthcare brand replacing SureBridge on Chesapeake supplemental products

The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company will debut it’s new UnitedHealthcare brand association on March 24, 2023, starting with the release of its newest product AccidentWise. The UnitedHealthcare brand will replace the SureBridge brand on all Chesapeake products over the coming months. The new brand experience is expected to create a stronger presence in the market with a more recognizable name, allowing for better positioning of Chesapeake’s supplemental products offering.

Noticeable changes on March 24
The first step of the brand transition began last fall with the introduction of the new customer website, UHC Member Hub.

Here are other changes you will see later this month:

• The broker quote and apply tool (POS) will display the new UnitedHealthcare underwritten by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company logo.

• A brand-transition message will appear on the quote & apply tool and on customer communications to help explain some products will show the SureBridge brand and other products the UnitedHealthcare brand until the brand transition is complete.

• Bank/credit card statements will show payment transaction being made to Chesapeake-UHC. Be sure to let your customers know this.

When will other changes happen?
Additional updates will happen over the next several months with the goal of being fully transitioned by end of September 2023.

We will keep you informed of our progress but here are some other things to expect in the coming months:

• Email addresses, websites and other contact info that features SureBridge brand will eventually be transitioned to UnitedHealthcare brand (where appropriate).
• Current products in the Chesapeake portfolio are being evaluated and prioritized for rebranding.

• As other new products are introduced with the UnitedHealthcare brand, we’ll share new marketing materials and training with you.

Acquired in 2019 by the UnitedHealthcare company, The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company is now officially welcomed into the UnitedHealthcare brand family as it makes these branding updates. Licensed agents contracted with Chesapeake can share with their clients this exciting news when presenting The Chesapeake Life Ins. Co. portfolio of supplemental and life products.