SureBridge: HospitalWise makes a great companion to Medicare Advantage and ACA plans!

SureBridge is offering a Guarantee Issue Hospital Indemnity plan for all ages 0-90 starting September 16, 2022.

There is no underwriting if the GI amounts are chosen, and the premium and commission rates will be staying the same. GI is only applicable when all benefit levels fall within the very competitive GI thresholds as indicated by SureBridge.  See the attached highlights flyer for details. Non GI plans will still be available for flexibility of benefit amount selection.

If you’ve never considered offering HospitalWise before, now is the perfect time.  Available in 31 states including OH, KY, IN & MI.

AEP and OEP…

are just around the corner!

As you gear up for the selling season, consider how SureBridge products underwritten by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company can help you offer the ancillary health coverage that your clients may need!


HospitalWise State Approval


HospitalWise Highlight Sheet


Why Ancillary?

HospitalWise Indemnity

Ancillary products are a great way to help ease potential blows to the budget, especially for costly medical events like a hospital stay.  A HospitalWise Hospital Indemnity plan could help with your client’s out-of-pocket exposure, whether it’s a substantial deductible in an ACA plan or the hospital copays in a Medicare Advantage plan.

The HospitalWise plan provides a daily benefit for hospitalization. Designed for flexibility, optional riders can be purchased for additional benefits if other conditions are met, such as an ambulance ride, a visit to the ER, or even a prolonged stay in a skilled nursing facility.  Your clients will love the fact that the benefits are paid directly to them; the payments are theirs to use as they see fit.


Questions?  Contact Michelle Kapp to discuss the benefits of adding SureBridge to your product portfolio.  614-763-2257