SureBridge Important AEP Reminders

Soured from SureBridge Broker Announcement from 10/14/21: 

Be Ready for Selling Season – Important Reminders

We’re glad to work with agents like you who are committed to using their expertise to help customers through the challenging task of finding health insurance and supplemental coverage. As we enter the peak selling-season of the year, we wanted to remind you of a few important sales practices to help protect you and your book of business.

As shared in the Chesapeake/SureBridge “Sale Practice” and “Ethics & Compliance” trainings:
• Only you, as licensed and appointed agent with Chesapeake, can:
o Sell, solicit or negotiate business on behalf of Chesapeake/SureBridge,
o Conduct sales (product) presentations, and
o Assist your customers with the application/enrollment process.

• The use of sales assistants, enrollers and/or screeners who are located outside the United States to conduct business on behalf of Chesapeake/SureBridge is strictly prohibited.

Keep in mind, having another person make calls, do some of the work, or even just act as a language translator, if they are not licensed and appointed, and perhaps even more importantly – if they are not located in the United States, could put your contract with Chesapeake at risk.

Let your customer know they can count on you!

You have the expertise your clients need, and they trust you to help them through the insurance process. By following these sales practices, you not only help ensure your reputation with your customers, but you also help ensure compliance with your Producer Agreement (PA). We value your skills, we appreciate the effort it takes to become licensed and appointed, and we are grateful you choose to do business with us!


If you have questions about your PA and/or sales practices, contact your CSM  Sales Director today!