SureBridge Policy Migration Release Schedule

SureBridge message from 10/30/20:

We recently communicated the following schedule for migrating in-force policies to our new policy administration system:

  • Oct. 29: Policies will be locked in the system so changes cannot be made to them via customer service or customer portal until the state is fully converted to the new administration system.
  • Oct. 29 – Nov. 9: Initial system conversion for in-force business only, excluding List Bill customers and those with DVH products. (To be converted in February 2021)
  • Nov. 3 – Nov. 9: Policies will be migrated by geographic state bundles. As the policies are migrated, customers will then be able to make changes via customer service and the new customer portal.
  • 2021: New business will convert after Open Enrollment ends.

There has been a change to the policy release schedule for regional bundles. Several of the release dates have changed and the state of MA will not be converted until February 2021. MA will remain on the SureBridge Mainframe until it is converted.

Click here to view the latest state release schedule map.

We are excited about the changes that are coming and look forward to better serving you and our customers. There is no action required by the Agent.