SureBridge: Reinstating Policies Suspended Due to COVID-19 Premium Relief

SureBridge: Reinstating Policies Suspended Due to COVID-19 Premium Relief
SureBridge recently communicated that since March, there were a number of policies suspended in conjunction with State regulated COVID-19 premium relief guidelines that had reached their suspension maturity date and were lapsed the week of August 24th. There is a final group of approximately 2,000 policies that are currently suspended at the request of the customer that will be maturing on September 18, 2020 that will also lapse.

In an effort to allow agents to contact customers to reinstate these policies, they will be sending each impacted agent an email that will outline the reinstatement process and include customer information for any policies that were suspended due to COVID-19 premium relief efforts. SureBridge will allow any policies that were suspended or lapsed as a result of COVID-19 premium relief to be reinstated outside of the normal 45-day guideline through December 31, 2020. These policies fall under two categories:

Policies with a paid-through date less than or equal to 3 months:
If the customer approves reinstatement of the policy using the current payment method, the agent can email a request for reinstatement to with the subject line “COVID REINSTATEMENT”. Once received, the necessary premium amount (up to 3 months of premium) will be drafted to bring the policy up-to-date and the policy will be reinstated.

Please note: The agent must receive approval from the customer for the draft and reinstatement of their policy(ies). The agent must also ensure the customer is aware that we will draft their account for up to 3 months of premium to bring the policy to a current paid status.

Policies with a paid-through date greater than 3 months:
The customer must contact Customer Service at (800) 815-8535 to complete an authorization form and discuss repayment options.

Please note: The agent cannot authorize payments or request reinstatements on behalf of the customer. The customer must provide the authorization to complete this type of payment and reinstatement.

Please contact SureBridge Producer Support at (888) 797-4447 if you have any questions.