SureBridge Update on Large Call Volume

Communication as of 1/13/21:
As you know, SureBridge customer service has been experiencing high call volumes.  Last month we put in place a call triage system that allows customers with simple requests such as cancellations, policy prints, address changes and ID cards, the ability to simply leave a voicemail message rather than holding to speak to a customer service representative.

Please remember that many changes/inquiries can be made on the new Customer Portal at and we have also re-opened the self-service tool at (or for customers and agents. The table below provides a list of functionality available through both sites for your convenience.

New Customer Portal

Reinstated Self-Service Tool
Customers with policies that have migrated to the new system are able to:

·       Cancel a Policy

·       Make a Payment (One-time Only)



1.     The email to register must match the one submitted at the time of application

2.     DOB must match the application

3.     Do not use the “02” or “08” at the beginning of the Member ID (policy number)

All customers and agents are able to:

·       Cancel a Policy

·       Update Payment Information (Customer only)

·       Address or Phone Number Changes

·       Request ID Cards

·       Request a Duplicate Policy Print

·       Search for a Provider


NOTE: Requested changes made on the reinstated Self-Service Tool require manual processing that can take 7-10 days to complete.

These actions allow us to more efficiently route customer calls, however completing these transactions requires manual processing and we are still working though the requests.  This is our top priority and we have brought in a large number of additional resources to work through them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work to process all requests as quickly as possible.