Wellcare: Upcoming Agent Connect Access Change – Read Only as of 3/22/2022

Sourced from WellCare Broker Bulletin from 3/15/22:

As we begin to ramp-down our current Agent Connect platform through SAP and transition to Centene Workbench, there will be a period of time where Agent Connect (AC) will transition to a read-only status.

Read Only Timeframe

  • Start Date: Tuesday, 3/22
  • End Date: Early April, with the launch of Centene Workbench (Agent Connect will remain in a read only status. You will need to begin using the new portal through Centene Workbench at that time).

What does Read Only status in Agent Connect mean for our broker partners?

  • Creating new tickets will not be available – please call the Broker Support Call Center for assistance. Existing tickets will continue to be worked and resolved.
  • Changes to broker information such as demographic, hierarchy, licensing, etc., will not be available.
  • Commission statements, payment history, and application status will continue to be available.

Centene Workbench will be available soon! Please keep an eye out for email communications throughout March to ensure you have all the information and resources that will help you access and navigate your NEW broker portal! We appreciate your partnership and are excited to present you with a new tool that will aid in your success.