Devoted Health’s AEP 2022 Incentive

Devoted Broker Announcement from 9/20/21: 


NEW! You can earn $50 reward with every application with us this AEP


With AEP fast approaching in less than 2 weeks,  here are a few exciting updates and quick tips from Devoted Health on selling with us this AEP:

  • For AEP 2022, earn a $50 reward when you help enrollees complete and submit an HRA form, this includes applications on all plans in all markets!
  • If you’re RTS with Devoted Health for PY2022, go ahead and order all of our PY22 Marketing Materials on our marketing portal, we have exciting new items that will help you sell this AEP
  • Not RTS with us yet?  Get certified with us ASAP on our Agent Portal, it’s easy! (new agents should reach out to upline agency or reply to this email if you have issues)
  • Our Agent Support team has added weekend hours during AEP to help support you.  We’ll be available 9AM – 6PM ET between October 1st – December 15th (in addition to our regular business hours are Monday – Friday 9AM – 8PM ET)

Introducing our $50 Health Risk Assessment (HRA) incentive on all plans in all markets


Our PY2022 plans include lots of great tools and services to help care for our members. To help us figure out which ones might work for new members, we’re asking you to complete a HRA form with all of your enrollees. And if you do so within 5 calendar days of submitting an enrollment application, you’ll get $50.¹ 


To complete HRA form:

  1. Log into Agent Portal.
  2. Click “Start Enrollment” and complete the application.
  3. Once the application is signed and submitted,  you will be prompted to “Complete the Health Risk Assessment (HRA)” form.

We recommend completing the HRA form at the same time as enrollment to ensure completion. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete.


HRA is only used to help match members with Devoted Health services like managing medications, controlling chronic conditions like diabetes, or getting settled at home after a hospital stay. The HRA answers don’t impact an enrollee’s premium or application processing. Devoted Health will share responses with doctors to help them offer more personalized care.  And here’s the great part, members enrolling in one of our SNP plans will receive $25 in Devoted Dollars Visa® prepaid card2 for completing the HRA and staying enrolled in our plan in January.


If an application is submitted by paper or third-party enrollment vendor, HRA will be available when Devoted Health processes the application. For agent portal submissions, HRA will be available immediately.

Log onto our Marketing Portal here to order our PY22 marketing materials, we have new and exciting items such as Medicare comparison worksheets, mail direct options, enrollment kits, plan flyers, etc. to help you sell with Devoted Health!   If you are a broker and you have completed all necessary accreditation with Devoted Health, you will be able to log into our Marketing portal using your NPN and your date of birth. You do not need to pre-register. If you are an existing agency partner, please have your identified admin login.