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Best Practices from Devoted Health on Member Retention

Sourced from Devoted Broker Email Communication from 1/7/2022:    Happy 2022!  We hope that you had a relaxing holiday season.  Our team is prepared to support you in another successful selling season and provide tools that will help reduce risk of member disenrollments after your hard-earned AEP efforts.   As you know, disenrollments are highly unfavorable […]

WellCare: Declared Special Enrollment Period for Kentucky

Special Enrollment Period: Kentucky Emergency Declaration – Inclement Weather, Flooding Please be advised that a state of emergency was declared, impacting the individuals in all Kentucky counties. This declaration allows for a one-time Special Enrollment Period (SEP), in the event beneficiaries were unable to make an election during another qualifying election period. Please reference the […]

Tech Tip: Keep Devices and Software Up to Date

You know that little pop-up prompting you to restart your computer for a software update? The one that only seems to come up when you’re in the middle of something important? As annoying as it may seem, this notification is actually a valuable asset to your cybersecurity. So, before you click the “Later” option, let’s […]

AultCare: New Payment Option for Prime Time Members

Sourced from AultCare Broker Bulletin on 12/29/21: We are excited to announce a new, convenient payment feature for Primetime Health Plan and PrimeTime Choices’ members. As of Dec. 15, 2021, we implemented automated payment phone lines members can call to check their balance and make payments.   As you share this information with members, please […]

Aetna OH Network Update: Negotiations with Trinity – Mount Carmel Health System

Sourced from Aetna Broker Communication on 12/22/21: Network Update                 December 22, 2021         Update on negotiations with Trinity – Mount Carmel Health System – OH Highlights As promised, we are keeping you informed on the progress made during Aetna’s negotiations with Trinity – Mount Carmel Health System – OH. This update, and the ones that follow, […]

MedicareCENTER Update: Anthem MA & MAPD HRA’s On MedicareLINK (SunFire)

Anthem MA and MAPD Health Risk Assessments (HRA) are now available in MedicareLINK (SunFire)! SunFire and Anthem have furthered their strategic partnership by expanding HRA’s within the SunFire platform. Agents are now able to complete HRA’s for eligible MA and MAPD enrollments directly in the SunFire platform. HRA’s can be accessed directly at the end […]