Important Notification: Agents with an Anthem appointment through Cornerstone Senior Marketing

It has come to our attention that all agents appointed with Anthem through Cornerstone Senior Marketing most likely received an email communication directly from Anthem.

The email would have resembled the following message:

Here’s information to help you get started.

Hi   __________,

Welcome to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. We’ve approved your application, and now you’re licensed to sell our products. We’re here to help you build your business, support your clients and stay informed. Here are important details you need to get started.

Information to get started

  • Your new agent contract for ___ is effective __________
  • Your encrypted ID is ___________. Be sure to save this number and include it on your enrollment applications.
  • If you haven’t already, log in to our Producer Toolbox at if you want to set up direct deposit to get your commission payments. You’ll also find a variety of resources to help you manage your book of business. Just use the same username and password you set up when you registered with us.

Do you need to transfer business?
We just need your request in writing. Then, we can pay you for the business you are transferring. Call our Sales Compensation team at 1-877-304-6470, and select option one for help.

Do you have questions? We can help.
Agent Services: 1-800-742-8199 or
Medicare Agent Services: 1-800-633-4368 or

This email was sent to you due to a technical issue that had occurred at Anthem.


Anthem stated the following around the issue:

This issue occurred due to an internal Anthem system migration which placed a term date on your downline agency’s appointments in error.  Due to the agency’s appointment being termed, this in turn termed all of your downline agents.” 

Once Cornerstone Senior Marketing was made aware of the situation, we quickly had Anthem correct the issue, which prompted the above email.


The good news – NO ACTION IS REQUIRED ON YOUR PART.   However, some of you may have also experienced issues using your mProducer tool.  Please note that should resolve itself within 24 hours of receiving the communication from Anthem.


Cornerstone Senior Marketing is advising our agents to please monitor their commission statements as a result of this situation and it’s resolution.  If you see any issues that need reporting, please let our team know.  We appreciate your understanding with this and apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your partnership.





Tim Shook, Vice President

Cornerstone Senior Marketing

Medical Mutual: Preparing for the Upcoming Medicare Sales Season

Special MMO Broker Announcement form 6/17/21:

As we prepare for the upcoming Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, we have two important reminders for Medicare-affiliated brokers and agencies regarding our Annual Medicare Advantage Certification and marketing materials to help grow your book of business.

Annual Medicare Advantage Certification Begins June 28, 2021
It’s time to complete your Medical Mutual Medicare Advantage certification. There are numerous changes to the certification process this year, so we encourage you to read this entire update.

2022 Training Course Requirements

You must complete AHIP certification before gaining access to the Medical Mutual certification modules, AHIP will automatically share your completion dates with Medical Mutual once you log on to your Web Courseworks account.

To access your account please follow the below:
• Log into MyBrokerLink
• Select Sales & Quoting
• Select Medicare Advantage
• Training and Certification.

Completion of the 2022 training will certify an agent for both the 2021 and 2022 plan years through a combination year certificate.

Agents will be given five attempts to reach a passing score of at least 85%. The exception to this is the Title 18 attestation module, which must be passed with a 100%.

As a reminder: Agents are given a $50 discount by accessing AHIP training through our Medical Mutual link. If you completed NAHU general compliance and FWA training, please email for assistance in accessing the certification modules.

Training Modules and Additional Resources
The Training content pdf can be downloaded from Web Courseworks upon module completion. For 2022 certification, you will not be required to complete the Sales Event module unless you are also certifying for 2021 or will be hosting local area marketing events representing Medical Mutual. As a reminder, the educational video plays at the end of the Dos & Don’ts: Formal Educational Events module. You must remain on the first slide of the video for at least one minute. We recommend watching the entire video, however you will have the option to stop the video and complete the module.

Interested in growing your Medical Mutual Medicare book of business? We are here to help!

We have a large portfolio of marketing pieces such as fliers, letters, postcards, banners, advertisements and brochures. Nearly all of these materials are available for personalizing with your agency logo and contact information.

Whether you are marketing during AEP or to a Turning 65 audience, we have the right materials for you. Simply click here to view samples of all that is available to market to your prospects. Please watch out for upcoming product meetings in your region.


If you have any questions regarding Medical Mutual of Ohio’s 2020 certification process, please contact your CSM SERVICE REP.

How To: Transition from Med Supp to Dental Sale with Mutual of Omaha

Transition Seamlessly from a Med Supp to Dental Sale with Mutual of Omaha!

Senior-age clients you’re meeting with about a Medicare supplement policy may also have a need for dental insurance. It’s now easier than ever for you to transition from a Med supp to dental sale.

Here’s how:
• The client’s information on the Med supp app automatically populates for a dental app when you use our e-application
• Payment methods also transfer to the dental app

It’s that simple! Use our e-applications today and see how easy it is to make a Medicare supplement and dental sale.

Use These Materials to Target Dental Prospects
Looking for a way to target potential dental insurance customers? Here are the available marketing materials that can assist in your marketing efforts.

• Consumer brochure – provides an overview of our two dental insurance products
• Prospecting postcard- mail to Medicare-age prospects who might have a need for dental insurance
• Prospecting letter- send to current Medicare supplement clients

BONUS!!! Earn $$$ for Your Dental Insurance Business

Earn up to $500 for dental insurance business issued May 15 through July 15, 2021. Submit your dental insurance apps today and get ready to celebrate!
Learn More About the Cash for Apps Contest



UCT Med Supp Cash Bonus


Effective June 17 through September 1, 2021, UCT will pay a $50 bonus for each new business Medicare Supplement application issued.

Read the full bonus details here, and click here to ask about contracting with UCT today!

Centene/WellCare: Centene’s Learning Center Password Reset- URGENT Action Required for 2022 Training!

Source: Centene/WellCare Broker Bulletin from 6/10/21:


Centene is excited to announce 2022 AHIP and 2022 Annual Certification Training (ACT) will be available in a few short weeks!

  • AHIP – Plan Year 2022 launches June 21, 2021
  • ACT – Plan Year 2022 launches July 7, 2021

To prepare for a successful training season, there are actions you are strongly encouraged to begin today!

Centene Learning Center – Password Reset

IMPORTANT – Effective 5/10/2021: The host of Centene Learning Center made changes to the website and broker account password settings. As a result, all brokers must complete a password reset before accessing Centene Learning Center accounts. If you have not done so already, please access the Centene Learning Center and complete the required steps for resetting your password.

Urgent Action Required:

Please login and reset your password for the Centene Learning Center Immediately.

For questions or support related to the Centene Learning Center, please contact Centene / WellCare Broker Support.

  • Medicare Broker Support: 866-822-1339
  • Hours: M – F, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET (excluding holidays)



AHIP – Password Reset

IMPORTANT – Effective 5/10/2021: AHIP, made changes to their website and broker account password settings. As a result, all brokers must complete a password reset before accessing their AHIP accounts. If you have not done so already, please access AHIP and complete the required steps for resetting your password.

Urgent Action Required:

Please login and reset your password for AHIP Immediately.

NOTE: For questions or support related to the AHIP password reset, please contact AHIP directly. Centene / WellCare broker support is unable to assist with AHIP site related password inquiries.

  • AHIP Technical Support: 866-234-6909

AHIP Email Support:


2022 AHIP and 2022 Annual Certification Training will begin soon and should be completed as soon as possible but no later than September 30, 2021.


If you have any follow up questions or concerns on Centene’s 2022 Training, please contact your CSM Service Rep

Ohio Aetna Better Health Update

OHIO AETNA BETTER HEALTH: Agents selling in Ohio may receive an email notification from Aetna about termination of an Aetna Better Health Inc. appointment.  No action is required. The terminations result from Aetna not having any Medicare products in Ohio under the Aetna Better Health Inc. legal entity and the Accident & Health line of business.  There is no impact to the status of your Aetna producer agreement, compensation payments, or ready-to-sell status.


If you have any follow up questions, please contact Cornerstone Senior Marketing’s contracting department.

Anthem Commission Statement FAQ’s and Payment Calendar

Anthem communication from 5/11/21: 

You have already seen the exciting enhancements made to the Medicare commission statement and the move to a weekly payment frequency for commissions and adjustments that began in March 2021. In addition to the commission payment frequency change, Medicare commission statement enhancements were implemented making the statement simpler and easier to understand.

We have received questions about the frequency change, and how it affects your commission payment. To help you further understand the details, we developed a document for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You can refer to the FAQ anytime you have a question about the changes. Click here to review.

We also shared the new 2021 Medicare commission payment calendar. An updated calendar is available here


If you have any follow up questions, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing rep.

UHC’s AARP Medicare Supplement 2021 Rate Information


2021 Annual Rate Information for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

Great news! Annual rate change information for 2021 AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare® and AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company of America (UHICA) is now available for the states listed below.

The rates in the following states will be effective June 1, 2021.

Please click on a state name to view the state-specific communication.












New Mexico

North Carolina



South Carolina

West Virginia


The rates in the following state will be effective July 1, 2021.

Please click on a state name to view the state-specific communication.


The rates in the following state will be effective August 1, 2021.

Please click on a state name to view the state-specific communication for UHICA.

North Dakota

Emails are sent to agents who are certified to offer AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in the states listed.


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your CSM service rep

MMO Updates to their Medicare Advantage Certification Site- Please Read!

Medical Mutual of Ohio Notice:

MMO has made updates to their Medicare Advantage Certification site. the first time you access the new site AFTER 5/10/2021, you will need to select the “Forgot your Password” link to reset your password and access to new site.


REMINDER: MMO will no longer be accepting Enhanced Access Forms effective 5/17/2021. Principals and Agency Administrators now have the ability to grant enhanced access for agency employees.


Any questions or concerns, you can reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing service representative.

MMO: Updates to MyBrokerLink Enhanced Access Process

Medical Mutual of Ohio Special Broker Announcement from 5/4/21:

Effective May 4, 2021, the process for obtaining Enhanced Access on MyBrokerLink is changing. Currently, employees must complete the Enhanced Access request form and send it to Medical Mutual for processing and approval. The updated process provides agencies the ability to grant Enhanced Access on their own without filing a form with Medical Mutual.

Principals and Agency Administrators will have the ability to grant Enhanced Access to employees at their agency directly through their MyBrokerLink account.

Important: You will be responsible for establishing a process within your agency for employees to request access. If you wish to appoint someone at your agency to grant access to users, you can assign that employee as an Agency Administrator. It is also important to review who has access to your agency’s book of business and deactivate accounts when appropriate. Please be reminded that MyBrokerLink accounts are not to be shared. Anyone who needs access to MyBrokerLink must have their own account.


What is Enhanced Access?
Enhanced Access gives users access to your agency’s book of business. When users initially register, they are not automatically given this permission. Enhanced Access also includes access to our group quoting systems for Non-Appointed Users.

What access do Appointed Producers automatically have?
Appointed Producers have Group and Individual administration access, which allows them to access their personal book of business. Appointed Producers also have access to Medical Mutual’s quoting systems.

What access do Non-Appointed Users automatically have?
Non-Appointed Users have access to Medical Mutual marketing materials.

Can I still use the Enhanced Access form?
No, the Enhanced Access form will no longer be accepted starting Monday, May 17, 2021.


For questions or concerns on MMO’s BorkerLink update, please contact your CSM Service Rep.