CSM’s Employee Spotlight Featuring: Paul McMillen

Congratulations Paul McMillen for 14 years of service with Cornerstone Senior Marketing!

As 2024 marks Paul’s impressive 36th year in the Health/Medicare insurance industry, his perseverance has been the cornerstone of his successful career. He has dedicated extensive time to staying informed about industry trends and developments, committed to assisting our agents in business growth and education.

Cornerstone Senior Marketing wants to thank Paul for his amazing service to our agents and to our team!

CSM’s Employee Spotlight Featuring: Tania Wade

Congratulations Tania Wade for her second year of service with Cornerstone Senior Marketing!

Tania plays a vital role on our Service Team, bringing over 30 years of exceptional customer service experience. She excels in providing informative education and value-added research to our agents. Tania is dedicated to finding solutions and addressing any questions or issues that arise. Additionally, she has embarked on her journey towards obtaining her ACS (Associates in Customer Service) degree this year and has recently completed certification in ‘CX 50 (Customer Experience) – Impact Cx: The Quest’ via LOMA.

Cornerstone Senior Marketing appreciates Tania for her outstanding service to our agents!

CSM’s Employee Spotlight Featuring: Jaime Lebrón

Congratulations Jaime Lebrón for 7 years of service with Cornerstone Senior Marketing!

Jaime is paving the way for Medicare agents up in the Northeast corner of Ohio, as 2024 marks his 30th year in the insurance industry. Jaime plays a vital role with developing relationships with brokers and understands the value of a true partnership. He is constantly out in front of brokers educating and helping the independent agent or agency learn more on how to grow their business organically.

Cornerstone Senior Marketing wants to thank Jaime for his excellent service to our agents!

AEP Readiness Agent Guidance


Have you completed all your 2024 certifications? Check our resource page for quick access and tips.


2024 Medicare Certification Resources



CMS updated the language on the required TPMO disclaimer. Agents now have to include both organization AND plan counts as part of this disclaimer. Click below to review the new language in it’s entirety.


2024 CMS Final Ruling FAQ Fact Sheet



Effective for 2024 MAPD sales, Humana will require all appointed agents to use an approved telephonic sales script when doing Humana business over the phone. This script was developed by Integrity and approved for use by Humana (and many other Medicare Advantage carriers) to meet the Humana requirement.  The script does include both enrollment and Scope of Appointment (SOA) language.  Note the script needs to be read on a recorded line.


Humana Field Agent Telephonic Sales Script


In the 2023 Final Rule, CMS provided new requirements for all selling agents this AEP. A couple of things to highlight: Call recordings are required for Sales, Marketing, and Enrollment calls. Make it a point to review the pre-enrollment checklist with your members. Also, be sure to review the new required elements with your clients before enrolling them. For a complete guide to a compliant sale, download our checklist below.


2024 Final Rule Compliance Checklist


Compiled by our Service Team, use this handy reference for the rare occasion a you need to submit a paper application.


Paper App Submission Email | Fax | Mail



Make every app count!  Application tips and guidance for a successful AEP can be found in this ‘must have’ reference guide.


2024 AEP Tips and Guidance General/Carrier


With new compliant rules and greater scrutiny on marketing activities, it’s more important than ever to maintain compliance in your marketing. We’re here to help!  Send marketing materials to us for review.  We are also your go-to for filing pieces that require CMS review and approval.


2024 Agent Medicare Compliance Guide
Compliance Review Submission


We’ve got your back.  Reach out when you need help, or get 24/7 assistance from our plentiful online resources.  The Service Team are here with solutions and our website features tools, training, and information to answer every question. Check out the Agent Toolkit, Resource Center, Event Calendar, Carrier Bonus/Sales Contests and Recent News!


CSM Service Team Contact List
Cornerstone Senior Marketing Website


This FREE platform is chock-full of new features and enhancements including Policy Management, Ask Integrity AI technology, 48-Hour SOA Tracking, update to the Personal Agent Websites & more!


If you are a new user to MedicareCENTER and have access, be sure to look at the Learning Center for videos, trainings, and guides to help you this AEP!


Go To MedicareCenter.com






Questions? We are here to help! Contact your CSM Representative  or call 614-763-2255

Medicaid Unwinding – KFF Release

Eight to 24 Million Could Lose Medicaid Coverage by May 2024 Due to the End of Pandemic-era Enrollment Protections

State Policies Will Help Shape How Many People Are Disenrolled, Including Some Who Remain Eligible


new KFF analysis finds that between 8 and 24 million people across the United States could be disenrolled from Medicaid during the unwinding of the program’s continuous enrollment provision.   Read full article here.

SEP’s for CA, CO, KY, NY, OR & TX

SEP information provided by CIGNA – 3/7/2023

This is an important announcement for agents with customers in California, Colorado, Kentucky, New York, Oregon, and Texas and for those with business in those states. The counties below are under a state designated SEP due to an emergency.


Declaration information New

State declaration: Severe Winter Storms

SEP Incident Date: 03/01/2023 – Ongoing

This SEP declaration is effective: 03/01/2023 – Ongoing

Impacted counties for SEP purposes: Amador, Kern, Los Angeles, Madera, Mariposa, Mono, Nevada, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Sierra, Sonoma, and Tulare

Declaration information Updated

FEMA declaration: Severe Winter Storms, Flooding, Landslides, and Mudslides

SEP incident dates: 12/27/2022 – 03/01/2023

This SEP declaration is effective: 12/27/2022 – 03/31/2023

Impacted counties for SEP purposes: Alameda, Alpine, Amador, Butte, Calaveras, Colusa, Contra Costa, Del Norte, El Dorado, Fresno, Glenn, Humboldt, Inyo, Los Angeles, Madera, Marin, Mariposa, Mendocino, Merced, Monterey, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, San Benito, San Diego, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Siskiyou, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Sutter, Tehama, Tuolumne, Trinity, Tulare, Ventura, and Yolo


Declaration information Updated

FEMA declaration: Fuel Supply Chain Risk

SEP incident dates: 12/31/2022 – 05/31/2023

This SEP declaration is effective: 12/31/2022 – 05/31/2023

Impacted counties for SEP purposes: All counties


Declaration information New

State declaration: Severe Winter Weather

SEP incident dates: 03/03/2023 – Ongoing

This SEP declaration is effective: 03/03/2023 – Ongoing

Impacted counties for SEP purposes: All counties


Declaration information Updated

State declaration: Healthcare Staffing Shortages

SEP incident dates: 09/27/2021 – 04/21/2023

This SEP declaration is effective: 09/27/2021 – 05/31/2023

Impacted counties for SEP

Declaration information Updated

State declaration: Rikers Island Correctional Center Staffing Shortage

SEP incident dates: 09/28/2021 – 04/29/2023

This SEP declaration is effective: 09/28/2021 – 06/30/2023

Impacted counties for SEP purposes: Bronx, Kings, New York, Richmond, and Queens

purposes: All counties


Declaration information New

State declaration: Severe Winter Weather

SEP incident dates: 02/25/2023 – 04/30/2023

This SEP declaration is effective: 02/25/2023 – 04/02/2023

Impacted counties for SEP purposes: Multnomah


Declaration information New

State declaration: Severe Winter Weather

SEP incident dates: 02/04/2023 – Ongoing

This SEP declaration is effective: 02/04/2023 – Ongoing

Impacted counties for SEP purposes: Anderson, Bastrop, Blanco, Burleson, Burnet, Caldwell, Delta, Denton, Falls, Hays, Henderson, Hopkins, Hunt, Kendall, Lamar, Lee, Leon, Milam, Red River, Robertson, Shelby, Smith, Travis, and Williamson

IMPORTANT: Please be aware

  • This does not mean that active marketing can occur.
  • The SEP is only for the purpose of providing a SEP to impacted individuals who had a valid election during the incident and were unable to make that election due to the emergency.
  • This does not mean we initiate waiving of authorization or referral requirements.
  • This does not extend waiving of prior authorizations, referrals etc.

SEP for Government Entity-Declared Disaster or Other Emergency

42 CFR 422.62(b)(18)

(Rev. 2, Issued: August 12, 2020; Effective/Implementation: 01-01-2021)


An SEP exists for individuals affected by a disaster or other emergency declared by a Federal, state or local government entity who were unable to, and did not make an election during another valid election period. This includes both enrollment and disenrollment elections.

Individuals are eligible for this SEP if they:

  • Reside, or resided at the start of the SEP eligibility period described in this guidance, in an area for which a federal, state or local government entity has declared a disaster or other emergency or they do not reside in an affected area but rely on help making healthcare decisions from one or more individuals who reside in an affected area; and
  • Were eligible for another election period at the time of the SEP eligibility period; and
  • Did not make an election during that other valid election period due to the disaster or other emergency.The SEP starts as of the date the declaration is made, the incident start date or, if different, the start date identified in the declaration, whichever is earlier. The SEP ends two full calendar months following the end date identified in the declaration or, if different, the date the end of the incident is announced, whichever is later.

Tips for completing applications

  • Select “SEP” in the “Select Enrollment Period” field
  • Enter code “DST” in the “SEP Code” field
  • Enter the date the customer was affected by the disaster in the “SEP Date field”
  • In the “Special Enrollment Period” section: Make sure you select the special enrollment period that applies to the customer in addition to selecting the “DST” box that states “I was affected by a weather-related emergency or major disaster (as declared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)). One of the other statements here applied to me, but I was unable to make my enrollment because of the natural disaster.” Both are required to be completed.

For telephonic applications, ensure that the following fields are completed:

  • In the “Special Enrollment Period section: Select the actual enrollment period the customer qualified for that was missed, and
  • Select the check box next to the statement that reads “I was affected by a weather-related emergency or major disaster (as declared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or by federal, my state or my local government).One of the other statements on this page applied to me, but I was unable to make my request because of the disaster.” This creates the DST and the second code Enrollment requires to process the application.

Cap Con 2023

Cornerstone Senior Marketing’s Jaime Lebron recently attended the Captial Conference in Washington, D.C., as a member of NABIP-NEO, where he met with Congressional leaders and heard updates from CMS.  The NABIP chapters meet annually to interact with congressional leaders and CMS regarding insurance industry regulation updates and legisltive issues that impact brokers and consumers.


Jaime Lebron Cornerstone Senior Marketing

Left to Right: Suzanne McClain-Broker | William Barrett-Aetna | Shawn Kasych-Ohio State Lobbyist | Ingrid Martin-Beam Dental | Jaime Lebron – Cornerstone Senior Marketing


Post AEP – Special Enrollment Periods

Initial Enrollment Periods & Other New-To-Medicare Situations

  • I’m new to Medicare.
  • I already have Hospital (Part A) and recently signed-up for Medical (Part B). I want to join a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • I’m new to Medicare, and I was notified about getting Medicare after my Part A and/or Part B coverage started.
  • I had Medicare prior to now, but I’m now turning 65.

Special Enrollment Period

  • I’m in a Medicare Advantage Plan and have had Medicare for less than 3 months. I want to make a change.
  • I moved to a new address that’s outside my current plan’s service area, or I recently moved and this plan is a new option for me.
  • I moved back to the U.S. after living outside the country.
  • I was released from jail.
  • I recently got lawfully presence status in the U.S.
  • I live in a long-term care facility, like a nursing home or rehabilitation hospital.
  • I recently moved out of a long-term care facility, like a nursing home or rehabilitation hospital.

You Lose Or Have A Change In Your Current Coverage

  • I left coverage from my employer or union (including COBRA coverage).
  • I lost other, non-Medicare drug coverage that’s as good as Medicare drug coverage (credible coverage), or my other, non-Medicare coverage changed and is no longer considered credible.
  • I lost my coverage because Medicare ended its contract with my plan. I got a letter from Medicare saying I could join another plan.
  • I dropped my coverage in a PACE (Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) plan.
  • I lost my Special Needs Plan because I no longer have a condition required for that plan.
  • I lost my coverage because my plan no longer covers the area that I live or it ended its contract with Medicare.
  • I recently had a change in my Medicaid (newly got Medicaid, had a change in my level of Medicaid, or lost Medicaid).
  • I recently had a change in my Extra Help paying for my drug costs (newly got Extra Help, had a change in my level of Extra Help, or lost Extra Help).
  • I was enrolled in a plan by Medicare (or my state) and I want to choose a different plan.
  • I’m in a State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program, or I’m losing help from a State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program.

Other Special Situations

  • I dropped a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy when I first joined a Medicare Advantage Plan. It’s been less than 12 months since I left my Medigap policy. I want to switch to Original Medicare so I can go back to my Medigap policy, and I’m joining a Drug Plan (Part D)
  • I was affected by an emergency or a major disaster (as declared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or by Federal, my state, or my local government). One of the other statements on this page applied to me, but I was unable to make my request because of the disaster.
  • I’m in a plan that was recently taken over by the state because of financial issues. I want to switch to another plan.
  • I’m in a plan that’s had a star rating of less than 3 stars for the last 3 years. I want to join a plan with a star rating of 3 stars or higher.
  • I am enrolling in a 5-star Medicare plan.
  • I requested Medicare information in an accessible format. I got less time to make my decision, or I didn’t get it in time to make a choice before my enrollment period ended.
  • I lost my Medicare Advantage Plan with drug coverage because I lost Medical (Part B) coverage. I want to join a Medicare drug plan.
  • I dropped my Cost Plan with drug coverage and switched to Original Medicare. I want to join a Medicare drug plan.
  • I live in or (within the past 2 months) moved out of a long-term care facility, like a nursing home or rehabilitation hospital. I want to join a Medicare drug plan.
  • Other.

LeadCENTER Now Available through MedicareCENTER

Real-time leads available through MedicareCENTER!

Timely leads are important to your success as a Medicare agent.  That’s why we’re so excited to share that LeadCENTER now connects with your CRM in MedicareCENTER, allowing you to set up campaigns and have quality leads delivered right to your account — all at the flip of a switch!


All it takes is a few quick steps to get the leads you need — delivered when and how you want.  You’re in control!

• Follow prompts in MedicareCENTER to set up campaigns in LeadCENTER
• Check-in with the flip of a switch to start getting leads — exactly when you’re ready
• Choose lead types and sources based on your unique business
• Get real-time leads delivered right to your MedicareCENTER account


View our great resources below for more information and how to get started!






MORE Exciting Additions to MedicareCENTER – Made Just For You

Exciting additions in MedicareCENTER – made just for you!

Personal Agent Websites & Send Quote Capability

MedicareCENTER has new exciting enhancements for hard-working agents just like you! Discover new ways to use this FREE platform that help you serve your clients and run your business better, like Personal Agent Websites and Send Quote function!

Personal Agent Websites, found under your Account profile, are URL links unique to you that can be shared with clients who prefer to shop and enroll on their own – and you still get the commission! Share your Personal Agent Website link in emails and other marketing communications for a smart and simple way to give clients the freedom to choose coverage that fits their needs at their convenience. Find out more in the Help Guide below.



Another exciting enhancement you’ll love is Send Quote. You could already compare up to three plans for clients in MedicareCENTER’s CRM. Now, you can generate custom plan comparison charts to send directly to clients — offering another way for them to choose a plan that best fits their needs. Find out more in the Help Guide below.



MedicareCENTER will be providing the way to meet CMS requirements — to make it easy for you.