A Special AEP Incentive from Humana and Cornerstone Senior Marketing

Earn a FREE 1,000 piece mailer to start the new year!

Start the new year off right with a FREE 1,000 piece mailer. This generous marketing bonus is available to all agents that submit a minimum of 5 Humana Medicare Advantage applications between November 13 – December 31, 2020.

  • Eligible agents will recieve a mailer credit early in 2021, that includes a custom prospect mailing list, postcard, and mailer fulfillment.
  • No registration required  – Humana will track application submissions and Cornerstone Senior Marketing will contact all eligible agents early in 2021 to award their FREE 1,000 piece mailer.

Thank you for all you do and have a great AEP!

TECH TIP: Scam of the Week: Email Impersonation Attacks on the Rise

Technology Tip – Scam of the Week: Email Impersonation Attacks on the Rise

Stay alert! The bad guys are now using CEO fraud and Business Email Compromise attacks more than ever.

These attacks take place when the bad guys impersonate executives within your organization via email and ask you to transfer them a large sum of money. They’re trying to manipulate you – don’t fall for it!

Instead, make sure that any request for a money transfer comes from the right person! Grab the phone and give them a call to verify that the request is legitimate. Better yet, communicate with them face-to-face about the request. They’ll thank you later!


Let’s stay safe out there!

Cornerstone’s AEP Submitting Applications Guide- DOWNLOAD NOW!

There’s so much to do this time of year, and making sure your application is accepted the first time around is very important.  Please review the guidance and tips below.  Also, please download the Application Submission Reference Sheet for quick access to the carrier specific fax numbers, and where applicable, email accounts, to submit non-electronic enrollments.



CSM Tech Tip: Email Body Red Flags

Technology Tip – Social Engineering Red Flag: ​Email Body

The prevalence of phishing scams is at an all-time high. Because you are the key to preventing a cyberattack within your organization, it is important to question the legitimacy of every email you receive. Below is a list of questions to ask yourself ​about the content and body of the email ​that may help you realize that you are being phished.

​​Review the content of the email.

  • ​​Is the sender asking me to click on a link or open an attachment to avoid a negative consequence, or to gain something of value?
  • Is the email out of the ordinary, or does it have bad grammar or spelling errors?
  • Is the sender asking me to click a link or open up an attachment that seems odd or illogical?
  • Do I have an uncomfortable gut feeling about the sender’s request to open an attachment or click a link?
  • Is the email asking me to look at a compromising or embarrassing picture of myself or someone I know?

If you notice anything about the email that alarms you, do not click links, open attachments, or reply. You are the last line of defense to prevent cyber criminals from succeeding and making you or your company susceptible to phishing attacks.

Let’s stay safe out there!

NEW with CSG: Client Shopping Cart

New Client Shopping Cart Added to E-Application

CSG Actuarial is making it easier than ever for agents to cross-sell multiple carriers and plans with the Client Shopping Cart!

Submit Multiple Applications in One Checkout Process

Add multiple products and carriers to a client’s shopping cart to create a custom insurance portfolio with quote details and total premium. Client quote details save for future reference.

When a client’s shopping cart is complete, conveniently start the applications in one checkout process. Applicant information auto-populates in each application for quick and easy submission process.



Tech Tip: WiFi vs. VPN

Technology Tip – WiFi? Why Not? VPN is your friend


Using free public WiFi at a coffee shop or airport hot spot is great for convenience, but bad for security.
Most free access points do not make use of encryption. This is done for convenience and ease of access. If every person had to ask the barista or gate attendant for the WiFi key, it would get unruly, and no actual work would get done.
Keep in mind that you are sharing those wireless airwaves with anyone that is within range of your wireless communications.

There is technology out there that allows you to view the wireless computer communications that are within range of your device.
To the bad guys, this technology lets them see what you are doing, the data you are passing to websites, and your usernames and passwords.


  • You are on websites with ‘https’ … the little S is for secure. Its like speaking a language that only two people can understand (your computer, and the website).
  • You are using VPN software to encrypt all your wireless communications
  • You are using a wireless device from your cellular phone provider, 3G or 4G network access… This is not WiFi, and is not subject to WiFi Security Policies

Using a VPN client to encrypt and route your wireless communications allows you to create a secure channel for your computer to communicate.
Even if you are accessing a website without HTTPS, your communication to that website is secured through your VPN connection. If there are any bad guys around you listening in on your wifi traffic, it will be safe.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is good practice to use a VPN when in a public networking spot such as wifi hot spots. This will create a virtual tunnel for your computer to communicate securely through the public network.

Before traveling for work, consult with your IT department about their data security policies when on the road, how to setup your VPN connection (if your company has VPN access), or how to obtain a 3G/4G cellular network card.


Let’s stay safe out there!

COPC Senior Care Advantage Broker Event March 17 in Columbus

Brokers are invited to a brunch meeting with the partners at COPC Primary Care Physicians and COPC Senior Care Advantage. The meeting will take place on March 17, 2020 at the COPC Central Business Office from 9:30AM to 11:30AM.

This event is designed to give brokers the latest information on the COPC Senior Care Advantage program for 2020 Medicare  enrollees who are patients of COPC Primary Care Physicians.

You will meet program leadership, learn about the typical patient experience, receive physician lists who have open panels and participate in informal Q&A sessions to get your questions answered. Register for this event so you are better able to serve your client base this year. Please RSVP by clicking on the Evite link below:


General Enrollment Periods

General Enrollment Periods


The seven-month period when individuals are first eligible for Medicare. It is the three months before they turn 65, their birth month, and the three months following their birth month.


If initial enrollment is missed, eligible Medicare beneficiaries can sign up for Medicare Part B between January 1 and March 31 each year.


October 15 – December 7 each year.  During this time, Medicare beneficiaries can switch from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan (with or without Part D included), enroll in a Part D plan, disenroll from Part D, or switch Part D plans.


January 1 – February 14 each year. Medicare beneficiaries can leave their Medicare Advantage plan and return to Original Medicare and enroll in a stand-alone Part D plan.




We have updated the Where to Submit Applications document to reflect the most current faxes, email addresses, and mailing addresses for the carriers.

We hosted a webinar providing some key pointers, tips, and reminders for having a succecssful 2020 AEP. Check out the recorded version and the presenattion slides for reference!



A few reminders to point out: 

  • WELLCARE AGENT BARCODE: We mentioned in the webinar some incorrect information on the WellCare agent barcode. The WellCare barcode it is NOT REQUIRED for submission on the application, but is encouraged for tracking purposes!
  • WHERE TO SUBMIT APPS: Please view our Where to Submit Applications document for fax numbers and mailing addresses for carriers.

REMINDER: Use The 2020 Link for Medicare Center & Update Your Marketing Shopping Link!


We have numerous agents still using the 2019 link for Medicare Center to try and enroll and create new client profiles for any 2020 AEP business.

 Please make sure to clear your bookmarks and access Medicare Center for all 2020 plans and enrollment by simply visiting www.medicarecenter.com and login as normal.

NOTE: Agents may need to clear their cookies and cache from their web browser or risk being redirected to the 2019 site.

For Remaining 2019 Effective Dates:

MedicareCenter in its current state only shows 2020 plan information.

To view/enroll in 2019 plans, use the following link:



Please view the 2020 Product User Guide for more information on how to use the Medicare Center platform.


Medicare Center Personal URL’s (PURLS)

Plan Year 2020 Personal URL’s for Medicare Center have been updated also. You will need to update your PURL if it is located in your email signatures, websites, or social media.  Here’s how: 

  1. After logging into your Medicare Center account, click ‘My Account’
  2. Under the Marketing Shopping Link, make sure the URL says ‘2020; and  then click the copy button and obtain your new shopping link or your  Personalized URL (PURL).

Enrollment for WellCare and Allwell/Centene has been restored

The enrollment process for WellCare and Allwell/Centene was stopped briefly on MedicareCenter at the start of AEP and has now been reactivated.

Enrollment form tip for MMO cases

MMO requires an email address on the enrollment form.  If a client doesn’t have an email put noemail@noemail.com in the email field.

Updates to Scope of Appointment Process:

  • A Scope of Appointment is required for all sales appointments. We recommend email as the simplest method.  If a paper SOA is completed, you must follow all Carrier and CMS Compliance Guidelines. This includes providing the SOA to the perspective destination and retaining the SOA as required by CMS.
  • Electronic scopes are stored internally, so there is no need to worry about paper scope with electronic enrollment.
  • An electronic scope will be converted into a PDF to be able to be printed for 2020. This will help with any carriers that require a scope with each application.
  • The ability to upload a paper scope into Medicare Center was also added for 2020!


For more information or questions please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales representative