Medico MS in IN & KY- 10% Household discount and more

The new Medicare Supplement from Medico is here.

The new Medicare Supplement from Medico is here, along with added product offerings that offer distinct advantages to you and your clients, including:
• 10% Household Discount on Medicare Supplement plans
• Multi-policy discounts on ALL NEW PRODUCTS including DENTAL and HOSPITAL INDEMNITY plans.
• Competitive rates
• No pre-existing condition waiting period


Medico has an A (Excellent) rating from AM Best.

Take advantage of competitive rates, discounts, and bundle options along with a company whose financial stability you can rely upon.
Here for you!

Add Medico to your book of business today. Speak with Michelle Kapp about their generous commissions, accessible consumer marketing materials, and easy to use My Enroller e-app, and learn get additional information about the household and multi-policy discounts.


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Another Network Expansion for Cigna MA in Ohio

Source: Cigna communication from 7/15/21


Cigna’s Medicare Advantage network is expanding in Ohio.


MetroHealth is now part of the Cigna network. This adds:

  • 1200+ new providers to the network
  • 700+ registered acute care hospital beds at a Level 1 trauma center
  • More than 30 locations for outpatient therapy and diagnostics, ambulatory surgery center, walk-in clinics, specialty clinics and skilled nursing
  • Physician specialties including Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Neurology, Family Medicine, Rheumatology, Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, ENT and more


Questions about Cigna’s MA network or  Medicare Advantage plans? Reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing rep for more information.


Need help navigating UHC resources to successfully complete the 2022 certification? Look no further!

Agents taking the 2022 UHC Certification may find it challenging to locate all the required reference materials needed to complete the certification with a passing grade.

Click the link below for direct access to the 2022 Certification Reference Guide that provides the info you need, especially to successfully pass the Events Tracking and Dual Eligible/Chronic SNP tests.


Looking for more? Check it out…

CSM 2022 Certification Resource Center

Links to carrier certification portals, info about AHIP and NAHU certification, discounts, guides, resources and references.  It’s all in one convenient location, from your team at Cornerstone Senior Marketing.




Questions?  Reach out to your sales or service rep by calling 614-763-2255 or Click Here to send an email inquiry.

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BONUS! Newly Added Features to Utilize on your CSG Quoting Tool Account


Cornerstone Senior Marketing agents now have full access to all CSG Quoting Tool features – AT NO COST.

What’s new to take advantage of?

Currently You Can: 

  • Compare rates and customize quotes for:
    • Medicare Supplement
      • MS advanced UW filter
    • Medicare Advantage
    • Prescription Drug Plans
    • Final Expense Life
    • Hospital Indemnity
    • Dental
  • Medicare Supplement E-App Enrollment
  • MarketEdge Technology
  • Website plugins
    • I.E: Consumer quoting tool link

Additional Features to Utilize: 

  • Dental E-Application
  • E-Scope with Document Locker
  • MA/PDP – RX and Pharmacy
  • Client Manager
  • Multi-Client ‘Bulk’ Quoting
  • MarketPulse


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MediGold 2022 Certification Now Open – Registration Code Required

MediGold 2022 Certification is now open.  Access the portal here.


Agents appointed through Cornerstone Senior Marketing will need to use the Cornerstone Registration code:  2022MG1262


Not appointed with Medigold?  Please reach out to your sales or service representative for more information about MediGold’s plan’s and benefits and consider expanding your product portfolio this AEP to include MediGold!


Reach out now to request information or to get appointed! 

Guiding your journey to AEP success.

Resources you can use!  Check out the CSM 2022 AEP Certification site

Aetna MA Sneak Peek at 2022 – COMING SOON!

Aetna email communication from 7/9/2021: 

Get a sneak peek at 2022 First Look

Hot off the press – 2022 represents the largest Medicare Advantage product filing for Aetna ever!

We can’t wait to share details about what’s in store for AEP at the upcoming National Distribution Partner AEP Kickoff, starting July 20.


In the meantime, you can be one of the first to learn about counties where we’re launching a new product type in 2022! Just visit today and login with your Producer World username and password.


We’ll be releasing additional plan and benefit detail on the site starting on Monday, July 19 at 12pm ET, so mark your calendar and plan to visit again!

WellCare 2022 Annual Cert Training Now Available Information

Wellcare Broker Bulletin from 7/7/21:

Now Available: 2022 Wellcare Annual Certification Training


We are excited to announce 2022 Wellcare Annual Certification Training is now available!

2022 Annual Certification Training Details:

  • One Combined ACT: Successful completion of ACT certifies you to market and sell all 2021 and 2022 Wellcare Medicare product offerings, for Allwell, Fidelis Care, Health Net, WellCare and Ascension Complete Health Plans.
  • Open-Book Exam: The entire training course is available for download in PDF format located in the course Resources. The document can be searched by using the ctrl-f search function.
  • Unlimited Attempts: You can take the mastery exam as many times as you would like. Remember, there is a 24 hour lockout between attempts to allow you time to study and revisit any of the training material.
  • AHIP Integration: The Centene Learning Center provides real-time AHIP to ACT training availability. Complete AHIP through our training site to access discounted pricing ($125 vs $175)


Accessing 2022 ACT:

You must reset your password for the Centene Learning Center before proceeding to AHIP and ACT (if you have not accessed the site after 5/10/2021).

Click here to access the Centene Learning Center

  • Returning Users: Enter your Username and Password and click Login.
  • First Time Visitors: Click on to the Create a New Account link under the First Time Visitor? section and complete registration.
  1. Complete 2022 AHIP Medicare Training
  2. Complete 2022 Wellcare ACT Journey to a Successful Season
  3. Complete 2022 Wellcare ACT Know Your Product
  4. Complete 2022 Wellcare ACT Mastery Exam


Training Resources:

  • Click here for the Centene Learning Center User Guide
  • Click here for Centene Learning Center password reset instructions
  • Click here to view the Centene Learning Center Registration Process video


Note: Once certification training requirements are completed, please allow 48 hours for our systems to update.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Service Rep.

See What’s New with Humana’s 2022 Sales Materials

Check out what’s new with sales materials for 2022 AEP

Humana communication from 7/8/2021:

We strive to continually improve our sales materials year in and year out. We used consumer research as well as your feedback for opportunities to enhance our materials. Some of the enhancements you can expect for 2022 are:

Enrollment Book

  • Orderable envelopes to mail enrollment books will be available to order separately through order site.
  • Bar code has been removed from 2022 AEP application.
  • Important: DSNP application must be used for DSNP plans or application will pend with potential denial.
  • DSNP specific enrollment book with new application included.
  • Option to order generic or veteran version for all MA only plans. Please ensure you select the appropriate description for the type of enrollment book you want for these plans.
  • Use Medicare Document Library on Vantage for digital versions of all materials including enrollment books and 17+ languages.

Order Site Enhancements

  • First look added to the home page.
  • Product filtering available when ordering Enrollment books.
  • Chinese and Korean materials available for specific plans.

Need to Know Information

  • Business Reply Envelopes used for applications will be included in the enrollment book.  You will receive a set of labels that will need to be placed on the business reply envelopes prior to 10/15. These labels were created to notify members that they should not mail applications prior to 10/15 and are required to be placed on any enrollment books handed out prior to 10/15.
  • The 2021 plan rating will be included in all enrollment books as a perforated document.  When the 2022 plan rating is available, you will need to remove the 2021 plan rating and replace with the 2022 version, which will be sent out electronically.  All enrollment book orders received after the 2022 plan rating is available, will receive the 2022 plan rating as a separate piece.
  • The OTC form and Catalog will be provided in color with pictures and a description for the products available.

Learn more about all the great materials we have put together for 2022 by watching the Marketing Materials Overview video


Sales materials will be available to order on July 13th.

If you certify/recertify prior to this date, you will receive and e-mail on July 13th with a link to order materials. You can also order through certification/recertification courses, vantage and individual link beginning July 13th. For more information access our How to order Medicare Materials job aid here.

Humana: New Enhancements Available in Vantage

Humana’s June Updates in Vantage from 6/30/21:

The June updates for Vantage are now available. Read below to see how Vantage has changed for you.


NEW! Order ID Cards:
Agents now have the ability to Order an ID card through the My Humana Business section for active medical members if a request has not been made in the last 14 days. Whether the request is successful or not, you will receive a message once the button has been selected. However, if the request is unsuccessful, you should select the Service Inquiries link in the pop up message and create a service inquiry for your member.

This new feature is located on the Consumer Profile page for your active members as an easy to click button.

Telephonic Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
Vantage is now running a compliance check on member phones to check if they are requesting to not be called. You will now see that members who are protected under TCPA will have a red “Humana Do Not Call” statement by the telephone icon.

Inactive Policies Report
We have changed this Report from displaying all of the Inactive policies to showing only the most recent. Located on the card and within the My Humana Business Center under the Reports tab, the report will now only show the Inactive policies from the last 3 months (previously displayed the past 24 months). Inactive Policies will still be available for 24 months and can be accessed using the filters and search functionality in Business Center.

BACK AGAIN! Upload Paper Applications
This feature has now been turned back on! You will once again be able to upload your paper applications through the Quote & Enroll card. The Upload Paper Application feature allows you to attach paper applications electronically and upload to Humana securely with a success message. Please visit Humana MarketPOINT University for more information and training on this feature.


Eligibility Tool: The DSNP eligibility tool is now displaying the Medicare ID in the results section.